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A fun DLC that simply adds a racer. I often find that these DLCs can be crap, but as far as I can see, it's free and though I'm not a fan of the game series he's from, I do like how his vehicle is a arcade game that transforms, being pretty hilarious. Beyond that, nothing much to say about this content really.

This is the last one of the series that I've made a review for as I've spent far too damn time on that stupid digging game! I'm the Goddamn Gaming Archaeologist, I should have been able to finish this game in one single go!

Anyway, my frustrations with a single mini-game aside, I have to say that this is the weakest of all the games so far, imo. Beyond certain story-reasons that would go into spoiler territory, there's a few choices in this game that I felt were annoying.

One of the most annoying bits they added to the court-room scenes is the whole lying to uncover the truth mechanic. It can also be used to skip through parts of discussion and get closer to finishing that section.

As typical the Ultimates are all quite interesting and have their own quirky personalities as before and as a fun call back to the other main games, there's quite a big interesting twist at the beginning that certainly creates a lot of surprises and like the previous games I often never saw the deaths or the ending coming, but in the case of this game, I feel that the ending came off as a little insulting and don't really see it as part of the series personally.

Many of the mini-games are a lot of fun and even the one I was complaining about, it fun but attempting to get the max score is next-to-impossible! Especially as the courtroom version you can smash up the small individual rocks where as the arcade version you can't and may even stop you from getting that final score.

It's still fun and I always like seeing more Monokuma and what kind of chaos that annoying bear can cook up as he claims the lives of my favourite characters! Though many in this I didn't feel that strongly for unlike the past two games where nearly ever death and betrayal hit me so hard.

Never give up hope!

Big fan of this game ever since I played the original on the PS2 game and I had focused only on the main character, Leharl, unlike what I did here where I'd got a super-powered Majin.

The story is about Leharl, the son of the Overlord of hell who has died and he's been asleep for many, MANY years and missing out on the power-struggle that has been going on in hell and Etna, a demoness, decides to try and wake him up and assist him in his rise up the ranks to rake his father's place.

The game is a nice advancement on the original, adding all kinds of additional stuff, though also missing later QOL systems, however, it's still got a lot of the same fun elements that I loved and I am quite obsessed in picking up and trying to collect every and all items in the game for the list that there is.

I have had a lot of fun with this game, trying to bolster up all my units and getting ever more powerful from spending hours and completing item world after world. Lots of fun and I can recommend this to everyone who enjoys RPGs and the potential endless levelling system in this game too! Not to mention the fun story and humour make this a very addictive and fun experience.

I love the cute art too, along with the fun concepts of the other world along with how the human souls move on and possess the penguin suits of the iconic and hilarious Prinnys!

When you get the chance, go and get the game, Dood!