Brilliant game. Hard to understand why people rate this game as low as they do, I personally really enjoyed it. Great characters, the story was interesting and overall was a brilliant experience.

Amazing game, brilliant story, great characters and great gameplay. Some of the puzzles were a bit annoying at times, but this was a truly special gaming experience for me. My first resident evil game, defiantly won’t be my last.

4.2/5. Great game, with a great story. Some of the gameplay mechanics were slightly annoying, but it’s an old game so is to be expected.

Campaign - 4/5
Multiplayer - 4/5
Zombies 4.5/5

God this game is brilliant, I mean I adore open world, story based games more than anything so it should be obvious that I’d love this one, but this game stands out for me as one of the best open worlds I’ve played. I’ll admit I struggled a bit at first with understanding everything but as time went on I grew to love it.

Truly a masterpiece. Without question my favourite video game of all time, everything about this game is so well put together; the story is outstanding from start to finish, the acting is remarkable, the open world is constantly entertaining, always something happening, just brilliant. I will forever wish I could play this game again for the first time.