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I didn't think this game was THAT bad. While the level design does drop off near the end and the physics do suck, there's still some fun to be had in some of the earlier levels. Calling this game Sonic 4 makes its flaws stand out more since such an unambitious and minimalistic game doesn't really seem like a worthy followup to S3&K.
I can understand hating this game back when it came out, since it really feels like several steps backward and an overcorrection after the disaster of 06. But after all this time, knowing that the series wouldn't continue down this path, it's hard to muster up a strong reaction to this one. It's just mediocre.

This is a game that I really had collect my thoughts on and sit on it for a while. There are a lot of problems with this game. The Cyberspace levels were mostly bad, it has tons of jank that leads to frustration, and the last few islands were clearly rushed. But the stuff that I enjoyed was able to keep me engaged despite all these shortcomings.
Once I go into the groove of things I found exploring all of the islands really fun. The base gameplay is still fun even if it can be janky. The writing, courtesy of Ian Flynn, is really good and this is the best that Sonic and the gang have been characterized in years. The character interactions are really well done and it does a good job keeping continuity with the rest of the series. The music is great, especially in boss fights. The boss fights are awesome spectacles even if they're mechanically pretty shallow. And the fishing minigame with Big is relaxing and pretty useful for farming items that I needed when I got tired of playing the Cyberspace levels or hunting for Memory Tokens.
This game is far from perfect but it still made me happy and it is a promising direction for the series. Just please let the next game cook for a bit longer Sonic Team. Also please keep Ian Flynn as the writer.

It's not bad and is more interesting than the other DLCs, but there are still too many problems. The new enemies and bosses are aggressively obnoxious, nearly all of them cause some knockback or stagger effect and one even makes the screen blurry. And despite having a more interesting setting, the missions are as dull as the base game. I might come back to it but it's pretty disappointing.