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Don’t know why it’s still TBD it came out already. Anyway, the game is a big bait n switch with the title making you think it’s one of those cheap and bad simulator games that comes out every week. But it’s more. It’s horror!
Since it’s still new there’s little resources on it which makes it really fun to learn for yourself.
Just. If you get to a parkour section it’s the ending and you should turn back and just keep washing dishes until you’re happy with your automation.

I think this game is great. If you ever want a very drawn out version of flipping a coin, play against the dealer. I think the steam update with additional items (and the promise of multiplayer in the future!!) more than justifies the small price tag.
If I can’t sleep I’ll play a round to get the energy out.

Crop rotation is a pretty fun rng game about plants! It’s very cool how much thought was put into it and the cassette futurism of the user interface is really cool