im not going to log mobile games unless they have substance

and yes i log games i played as an infant
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loved for a good reason. the music and the art style are just so unique especially for the hardware, and ive found myself replaying it so many times.
if you've never played a kirby game in your life, i would recommend either this one or super star as your jumping off point. the games are extremely simple, telling most of the story through cutscenes and character expressions. at first glance it's a simple platformer yet it's one of the most memorable kirby games in my opinion, setting itself apart from other kirby games (and also other SNES games) with it's coloring-book-like aesthetic and innocent feeling, that is until you reach the final area..
and oh man, the final boss has got to be up there with one of the most disturbing final bosses in a kids game so far. dare i say it's almost at giygas level disturbing.
if you're used to scary bosses in videogames, it might not be a shock to you. but if you're a kid, or someone who's never played a videogame, it definitely sticks in the back of your mind forever.
and it's amazing.
dreamland 3 is a masterpiece and should be respected as an art more than a platformer. HAL absolutely used the SNES as their art medium and pushed it to its limits in this game.

this is one of - if not the single worst game ive ever played but the artstyle is cute i guess

i have the highscore for this at my local arcade. oh also the game's fun i guess.. dunno why they released the same game but made it a girl