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bitches be like "this is what takes nintendo and those soulless corporations down" when this game was made with the same soulless sentiment

This has big “robot chicken skit” energy

If you hate Nintendo and love this game you are bbeing played my ... they ar e the same team. they are working together in your walls. it's like clone wars

made like a dark, twisted version of pokemon haha. Just a glimpse into my dark reality. A full stare into my open-world survival crafting slop would make most simply go insane lmao.

Being ported to everything doesn’t save the fact that the game is mid.

How to destroy Original autor direction and vision ?

Be pretty.

This has single-handedly made me oppose all video game remakes on principle.

The original PS2 version, to this day, is stunning. The strengths and limitations of that console were utilized to create something completely unique and impossible to truly replicate (even pc emulation fails at this). The blinding bloom lighting, washed out colors, and low resolution gave the game this otherworldly sheen that I was mesmerized by. It gives the impression of a beautiful but god-forsaken no man's land enveloped by Dormin's light, a light without warmth.

The PS4 version just... Looks like a typical AAA PS4 game. It's technologically impressive, but that's the only thing there is to say about such boring, soulless visuals. And in a few years, you won't even be able to say that. The remake further disrupts the style of the original with meaningless new features for a purposefully minimalist game, like frivolous collectibles, a photo mode, and a stats page. All just to pad the game out with more time-wasting distractions, as if we didn't already have enough games packed with that.

Worse though are the subtle changes that most probably missed. The gut-wrenching wails of collosi have been replaced with generic monstrous roars (seriously, go to youtube and watch the 4th colossus fight in the original and then in the remake, it's a disgrace), and the enigmatic color changes of their eyes during battle have been removed altogether in favor of always-orange eyes to signify aggression without nuance.

The fact that this is seen by the vast majority of gamers as a faithful remake baffles me. Maybe because it lives up to how most remember it: The pretty looking game where you fight big monsters and it turns out you were the bad guy the whole time! That's pretty much what it is when you boil it down, but I always thought it had a bit more of a mystique that made it stand above most games.

There is no real appreciation in the industry for old games beyond surface level nostalgia, and I think that's one reason why video games are such a wasteland artistically.

If you don't like this game or series you have no joy in your life

playing the bear level with joycon drift is going to be my version of the journalist playing the cuphead tutorial

Zelda fans have been awfully quiet once this game dropped, did you notice?