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Resident Evil Village is deserving of its praises for being an above competent and enjoyable game. Personally, I found it to be a better experience interpreting Ethan Winter's to be a dumbass who just doesn't know what he's doing, with the writer's being completely self-aware of how dumb he is. With this perspective, he becomes such a funny and entertaining character throughout the whole experience.



You know those old Sierra adventure games where you were screwed if you didn't pick up some random thing at the beginning to solve a puzzle at the end? Ixion is like that in city builder form.
Unlike some other city builders Ixion is divided into levels where your progress carries over. It sucks when after working for twenty hours you realize you simply cannot continue working on your space station because of something you didn't do, or mine, or properly build in the first level, and you have to start all over again.
It's not that this game is difficult, it's that this game is unreasonably difficult. Time limits are razor thin, the AI for the cargo hauling robots is stupid, and even if you memorize the location of all the resources and build everything in the most space efficient way the game might bug out on you and people will refuse to pick up food and starve to death. I just wanted to have fun building a space station, not be penalized for taking too long designing the layout.

what an incredibly underwhelming and irritating experience. functionally awful from a gameplay standpoint, fisheye lens breaks the game once you get it outside of the objectives that require other lens, and most of those end up becoming egregious scavenger hunts with slow movement speeds and ugly environments. most of the objectives require abysmally specific placement with how you take pictures of things, while also most others are ostensibly broken and wont let you by even though you absolutely took a picture of the thing that was needed (i had to take a picture of the word "cops" and the game absolutely wouldnt let me go by unless i took a picture so fucking up close to the word that it wasnt even visible anymore).
the "story" is vague gen zed doomer stuff played out through environment only, but like others have said, there is no way to be invested in any of this because there is no emotional connection here, outside of the similarities of neoliberalism in reality. a lot of what this game tackles is surface level and doesnt actually bother getting into the roots of anything.

This game drops the ball on interesting plot threads about as often as it drops Deus Ex Machinas to get the protagonist out of the corners they write him in.

A definition of wasted potential. Could've been a pretty awesome vehicle combat RPG, but i reckon execs wanted everything made in ubisoft fashion, absolutely unnecessary third person "combat" and "exploration" of "thrilling" outposts. Cut this crap out, put all the effort into making the car part feel good and honestly you could've gotten something really special here. Story is also pretty redundant and not interesting. Few years later and i can barely remember what was the plot about.

this game looks like ass and the balance is all fucked up but goddamn it does shooting to the beat feel like the coolest shit ever

incredible little-not-so-little old web inspired game. i adore digging through old websites and this game gave me that in an extremely fun package. the attention to detail and amount of content is incredible, and the ending hit surprisingly hard. will be looking forward to dreamsettler...!

A sequel that makes so many baffling design decisions that it makes me question if the first game was an accident.

I need to bury my parents.
No, you're not allowed. God be with you.
God save good mate o'mine but I need to be off now to bury my parents.
No, I can't let you do that. God smiles on you this day.
Listen here ye olde buddy I need to bury my parents.
Yeah alright fine who cares. God save.
Between having the most consistently piss-poor game mechanics, characters bugging out of scripted events, broken quest design, ropey ass combat, and the fact that it's made by an actual gamergater... ugh, why even continue this sentence tbh.
It's just Christian Skyrim. And Skyrim had been released 6 times before this mess came out. I was over it by proxy before even booting it up.
Yes, the map is nice, don't @ me holy roman empire

I have tried so many times to sit down and play this game but there's just so many factors that turn me off from seeing it through completely.
Perhaps the most glaring problem is the piss poor gameplay and optimisation onto PS4 that makes the experience extremely sluggish coupled with the overdone and tiresome first person, open-world RPG elements that I might as well just be replaying Skyrim if I wanted to experience over again.
It's extremely an awkward experience with nothing to really be desired and some of it kinda feels like blatant religious propaganda. Maybe I'm a bit of a dick on this, but I do not care and I do not want to hear it at all lmfao. I understand it's the standard for the times but it doesn't interest me.
Just play Skyrim instead, as over-talked that game is these days, it's better than this by a long shot if you want some medieval RPG experience.