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Incredibly unique and refreshing experience, and I wholly recommend it, even if you're not necessarily a fan of card-based combat, or deck-builder rouge lites. Learning to play the card game becomes so fun, and every battle is clever, and challenging. It's awesome to stick to certain cards or strategies as you find out if you're more offensive, or defensive. The game's aesthetic is impeccable, and its creepy style is unforgettable. It also has a very interesting story, and the game absolutely takes you places you do not expect. Again, the whole experience is unique, and I wish I saw more games do what this did. Truly wonderful, and a perfect Halloween game.

been a while since a game made me say What The Fuck? this much. But in a good way!

It's one of those games where it's really hard to talk about it without walking into spoilers so I'll keep it up. It's a trip of a game that's gonna throw you for a loop multiple times without actually sacrificing gameplay; the card game goes through a lot of changes as you go through the game and I enjoyed every interation of it. At times it's the closest you'll get to the return of the single player TCGS ,like the gameboy PTCG, which don't really exist anymore do they?

Highly recommened, probably one of my favorite games of this year. Hope someone enjoyed my 0 mana 3/1 brittle/resurrection/flyer !

Incredibly unsuspecting, shifts and morphs, reveals mind-blowing revelations and the layers are akin to peeling back an onion piece by piece at times. Go in blind, you won't regret it.

A competent collection of ports with some nice features, perfect for portable play on the Switch.

Circle of the Moon's biggest issue - the non-backlit screen on the original GBA, isn't a problem here, and the graphics are honestly fine without that. The game itself holds up fairly well as a weird hybrid of Igavania and Classicvania, though it's definitely rough around the edges. The weird difficulty curve, the poor droprates and obscure locations for the cards and the poor balance of the cards themselves are issues, but the game itself is fine.

Harmony of Dissonance is a misstep. In seeking to course correct from CotM it became a garish, overly busy mess - technically impressive but artistically unpleasant. To make matters worse, this came at the expense of the soundtrack which is a mix of good compositions let down by screechy chiptune instrumentation and awful random beeps (like the boss music). The dual castle mechanic is introduced inventively but this is the worst Igavania by a country mile.

Aria, on the other hand, is superb. Great, clear graphics, an impressive soundtrack and a fun twist on the series' age old conflict make this second only to Symphony of the Night in my eyes. The soul system is great, if grindy, and this feels like the game that nailed the formula. A must-play.

Dracula X feels like a bonus game and it's an interesting curiousity, but the level design and enemy placement seem intended to be as frustrating as possible. The good graphics and surprisingly good SNES renditions of Rondo's soundtrack don't make the game fun to play even with savestate abuse. If you want to play Rondo, just play Rondo, not its obnoxious kid brother.

Overall much better than Coteries of New York, the writing is much more consistent, the ambience and art are still great and having a set protagonist really helps with the story.
I have some problems with how the reveals are handled at the end but nothing as bad as Coteries's ending.

lurking the discord and i know deep down in my heart everyone involved in the ARPANET project is in or is heading to the event horizon part of the inferno

DJ Atomika deserves the hate that Navi doesn't

Fatther climbs back up cliff and is now mad
Son is now an evil bastard
Father enters tournament to fight his son at the end and get revenge .... again
Father wins and tosses son in Volcano to really make sure he's dead this time
Father makes a goofy ass smile.

it's real good, it's fun to get bigger, it's fun to get yelled at by your giant dad with the dj voice, it's fun to puzzle out how to get past a section and it's fun to go back to a section from earlier and scoop up everything because you're big now