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pea_txt completed The Ninja Warriors
Through the stiff controlling and sometimes awkward bosses, there is a fun, not so frustrating game to be played.

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pea_txt completed Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree
Spoiler free!

Miyazaki is pushing the genre's limits by suggesting that this DLC should be played with summons. He's right, but the internet won't have it his way, of course. What remains is a discourse over how a game is played, and that by itself is an admission of failure over a game's design.

So why did I like it, then? Probably because I used summons.

Some people challenge themselves to go all the way to the end solo, and I applaud them for it, but to then lament how miserable some of the fights are does bring the question of if they'd have a better time had they swallowed just a tad bit of their pride, that they'd summon on their first playthrough, then try solo on the next one? If you're a serial internet debater, hubris is clearly on the line when discussing these things about these kinds of games. So I go next.

Shadow of the Erdtree is more Elden Ring, that is to say: There's way too much fucking stuff. Congratulations on making a full fledged world again, filled with everything and anything. As labyrinthian as it can be, this new world uses that structure to make you look around. Nothing's boring to look at, nothing's boring to explore. It's, once again, From Software working their magic at bringing us a world of wonder. Unfortunately, much like with Elden Ring, I would lose steam once I get around 3/4ths of the way through. A game like this needs to have every stone turned, for to beeline start to finish goes against the world's philosophy. I played the game as it was intended, and, while I enjoyed it for the most part, I can't help but wonder why we needed so much content in the first place. Even after going through every nook and cranny, I felt like I missed some big stuff still. Perhaps they wanted to bring back expansions. Remember game expansions?

Fights are tough, but most of them were very fun! Thankfully, I can count with only one hand the number of times I genuinely disliked a boss battle, whereas I'd have to use two hands to count the number of boss battles I had a blast with. Interactions are far as the eye can see, and more engaging NPCs meant that we get to have more amusing fan-made content related to them. One thing I have to say however: Can we stop with the 2-minute chain combo attacks?

Elden Ring is a fascinating wonder, both in spectacle and... leaving for some wishes as well. I'm wondering how a world like this would do when planned as a linear-style game, like Dark Souls. Less exploring, more tight level designing. Not that I don't want an open world souls-like, but I'm craving for a catered, more narrow journey.

Beat initially on NG+, 15 Scadutree Fragment Levels. Fights were well balanced after the patch, where it left me with a few deaths, but I was able to learn quickly and get some satisfying fights against some of the more bigger bosses.

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pea_txt completed Katamari Damacy
My mom bought me this game unprompted one day. Said she got suggested this by the store clerk.

Whoever you are, you managed to make a kid very happy.

Katamari Damacy is such a unique game. Uniqueness is Keita's middle name but this game goes beyond it all: Unique controls, unique artstyle, unique story, unique music, everything about this screams creativity and, to this day, no game has been as positively quirky as this one.

A gameloop as simple as "roll over objects, become bigger" becomes this journey to find all the funny gags around the world as you make your next stellar object. Everything about the direction of this game just blends so well with its core, that I might as well call it a miracle that it works so well. A few little problems here and there (controls are great, but not the tightest) thankfully do not hamper the experience at all. If you want to check it out, there's also the steam version that works very well.

It's never too late to play Katamari Damacy.

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pea_txt completed Outriders
Square Enix has been smoking a lot of something these past years. They've released a lot of schlock, to say the least. Outriders, I think, was the telling sign.

I actually bothered beating this with a friend in co-op. Mechanically speaking, it's a game that tries very hard to be dynamic, despite its cover shooter aesthetics. In fact, cover shooting in this game is discouraged. Enemies can easily wipe you if you don't keep moving and gunning. It kind of reminds me of Bulletstorm- Now wait a minute, who made this game?

The problem with this game, if I were to actually compare it with Bulletstorm, is that it's a god damn RPG. An RPG shooting game is bad news: Enemies are insane bullet sponges, and with the dynamic difficulty mechanics in place, you're going to take way too much time to gun down your enemies. The final boss fight took me and my friend over 30 minutes to beat because of how many bullets it took us to just whittle down the boss' HP. I've never seen anything like it, and I played Borderlands enough to know what I'm saying. At least, with Bulletstorm, you could just kick an enemy to a spiky wall and be done with it. Fast, easy and satisfying is nothing that this game has to offer, unfortunately.

So we beat the final boss and stopped there. This is the kind of game that wants you to keep on grinding, however. My patience, on the other hand, was eyeing elsewhere. Make a compelling plot for once, and maybe I'll care about playing your game some more. As it is with Outriders, it's all secondary thoughts.

They made a DLC at some point, too. Good on People Can Fly for trying, but, like, you had to deal with Square Enix, as well. It just wasn't meant to be, after all.

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