Pokémon Blue

Pokémon Blue

released on Oct 15, 1996

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Pokémon Blue

released on Oct 15, 1996

Pokémon Blue is the third core series Pokémon game released as a minor revision of Pokémon Red and Green, which were released earlier that year. It was thus the first solitary version in the core series Pokémon games. Various fixes in the game include a graphics and sound upgrade, as well as the removal of several known glitches that had been found in the original pair.

Outside of Japan, its graphics, game engine, and script formed the basis of Pokémon Red and Blue, while the wild Pokémon and game-exclusive Pokémon lists were changed to match Red and Green.

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(note this score applies to red as well)
upon revisiting this game i was really surprised at hoe much fun i was having! i cant really explain myself properly but it really felt like a true roleplaying game, i could actively envision myself in the role of red capturing pokemon and taking on gyms! really fun experience albeit very short (though its a gameboy game so i cant rlly fault it too much)

Gen 1 is more or less a bundle of glitches held together by spaghetti in the form of a video game, but you can't say it's not a classic. Red Version would get the same score, but I'm just adding this one to my list for now since they're basically the same game to me outside of speedruns.

blastoise has a gun how does he not win every fight?

never finished this cuz my friends kept borrowing it and saving over it loool

Gen 1 jank is kinda funny but otherwise it's not very good and there's no reason to play it over the remakes.