Rescue the Sprixie Princess and her followers by yourself or with three other players in this enhanced version of Super Mario 3D World, released as part of the Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury bundle.

As an enhanced version of Super Mario 3D World, some brand new gameplay improvements have been made to spice up this adventure. All characters have received a boost to their running speed and climb even higher after picking up a Super Bell, making platforming that little bit snappier. You can now also use gyro controls for certain sections of the game that previously required touch controls.

As well as same system and local wireless co-op play with up to four people, you can now play Super Mario 3D World together online for the very first time! Choose your character before each course and use all four characters’ different abilities to see everything that the Sprixie Kingdom has to offer.

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De los mejores plataformas que he jugado y de los mejores marios, mucha variedad en los personajes, los niveles, los mundos, la estética de algunos es fantástica y la música es una genialidad top mejores OST de la historia y muy accesible para la mayoría (muy divertido con amigos)

Notes: I finished all levels, collected all stamps, and collected every green star. I did not, however, beat every level with every character because I have a life.
Super Mario 3D World is, bottom line, a great game. The levels are well-designed, and filled with tons of creative ideas, that unfortunately tend to play it...just a bit too safe.
Mario's first 3D adventure in the HD era is simply great, yet not quite extravagant enough to be amazing. The levels are good, but very few of them genuinely blew me away with that classic Mario magic. I also felt that some of the levels tended to be just a bit too short, although the game makes up for this with a constant stream of fresh ideas in every level.
However, the post-game is amazing throughout and every level left me wowed with how far they were able to push the mechanics of this game. So many creative ideas in just so many levels. The difficulty for these levels is also just perfect, leaving me challenged yet not raging. I also actually enjoyed Champion's Road quite a bit, although it did take me around 230 lives.
Super Mario 3D World is a game that suffers a problem only possible with Mario. It's too great. Had Nintendo just played it slightly less safe, this could have been a genuinely awe-inspiring game, rivalling the likes of predecessors such as Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64. Unfortunately, I feel as if it will forever be remembered as that one Wii-U Mario game that just wasn't quite amazing enough.

Review in progress:
Not the most revolutionary Mario game, but very fun.

Super Mario 3D World gives the most general Mario game experience, for better of for worse, and it's not exactly bad, it plays quite well actually, but I come out of it feeling like I just played white bread: the game.
Super Mario 3D World brings in the NSMB aesthetic people know and (probably) love, with it's vibrant, isolated obstacle courses filled with life and color, tho nothing really grand or crazy to write home about, actually feels sort of corporate or sterile feeling, doesn't help that the environments are really generic. I apologize if I can't describe it as well. Whatever the case, it's Mario at it's core and if you like Mario's world, you'll probably like how this looks I guess.
The game has you in limited camera angles, and directions to move in, which results in very precise movement which feels pretty good and allows for platforming to be much more controlled and simple. There are however moments or instances where different camera angles or such would benefit certain situations and I'd either get my view obscured that not even Mario's silhouette really helps know what I'm doing while elements block my view or have a certain angle I feel comfortable with playing but is disabled for whatever reason. There are also segments where I feel should have invisible walls, esp like psuedo 2D sections, why am I allowed to jump off the side of the train, the outer area section isn't even there anymore, I'd also be able to just hop to the background and die. And a bunch of other things that sort of irk me like character specific buttons or more camera angles but I don't want this to be too long.
Captain Toad stages are really cute, they're nice pace breakers, a sort of nitpick I do have tho is the inability to zoom in, and why does toad have a jump button, it does literally nothing but play a hop animation.
Most of the OST is pretty catchy, I don't have a lot of opinions on these in particular other than it's good Mario music that did it's job.
Mario Game
- As stated before, while colorful, this feels like such a sterile game, the settings are very general and don't really wow me, I see the game and say "yup that's Mario." I think it'd be cool if future Mario games develop a more stunning aesthetic or something to really compliment the other creative stuff.
- Bosses are an absolute joke, it usually takes under 3-5 minutes to beat all of them, the final boss felt sort of anticlimactic, I sort of expected to actually fight Bowser eventually but all I got was an autoscroller course which ended with a feeling of "that's it?"
I can't think much on what to criticize the game other than it just feels like a very general Mario game, it has no interesting features or something, it's just pure unadulterated Mario, "The Mario Game Ever" if you will I guess. Probably a good introduction game for new fans or audiences after the recent Mario Movie. Anyway yeah if you want to play a Mario game with no quirks and not 2D (technically), you can grab this and you'll probably have a fun time.
No I will not be doing the post game challenges go away.

Gameplay: Fun
Music: Good
Replayable? I'd say yes
Streamed? Yes
Extra Notes? It's kinda boring to do solo.
Bowser's Fury was a BLAST tho.

Holy shit. Never got to play it on Wii U, but man. The level design is immaculate, love playing as the different characters, the power ups??? The realization of 3d Land's potential and then some.