Thief Gold is a first-person perspective stealth game. It was the first game to use light and sound gameplay mechanics – different surfaces cause varying noise. You can use sound to your advantage - it's not only your main source of information on how close your enemies are but you can use it to distract them, for example by throwing objects. With unscripted levels, and objectives and paths altered based on difficulty settings, Thief Gold can give you hours of non-repetitive gameplay.

This extended edition includes all of the missions from the first release, as well as three new missions adapted to the original storyline, with full voice acting and new graphics. It can still be considered the first game in the Thief series.

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Maybe I should have started with The Dark Project...

In my journey of going through the stealth titans that isn't MGS or Tenchu, this felt more like a stealth sim out of the genre in 1998.

The way levels are laid out remind me a lot of Tenchu as in: go where ever when ever you can if you know the levels enough. I'd say Thief is even more open ended compare to Tenchu 1. You can lose yourself pretty easily for most levels. Can I just say, more stealth games need pickpocketing?

Of course, there's some pretty crappy levels, some added by Gold. Seriously, you just got done with a good couple of come & go missions then BOOM you get shit like Down In The Bonehoard and Thieves' Guild. But the good outweigh the bad easily. Though, the game didn't really need more levels added with Gold.

Other criticisms parallel my Tenchu 1 ones which is basically: "stealth good, combat bad" which isn't as bad in Thief 1 cuz there aren't bosses to force the bad combat down your throat every level.

Pretty good! Just needs more thieving in my Thief.

Great game but whoever designed Thieves' Guild should be blackjacked on the head repeatedly

I look at this game from 25 quintrillion years ago and think why can't stealth games have this awesome level design anymore? seriously. As much as I love MGSV's mechanics and openness to different approaches, all the infiltrate-able bases are little camps like Kojima did the modern artist thing of getting a canvas and just flicking random colors onto there, but instead of paint, it's little tents where enemies stand. Thief, in comparison, is like a collaboration between Leonardo da Vinci and the guy who drew the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. Rooms, corridors, tunnels, and it's not just so you can navigate it. There's verticality that you can scale with the rope arrow, or torches you can douse with water arrows. The best part is the variety of the areas themselves. Not just castles and mansions, but tombs that are better than any modern tomb raider, jails that you have to break a buddy out of, a house specifically designed to make you go insane, everything. And it's all pure awesome.

Would honestly have been 4 1/2 if not for some specific levels being bad—thieves guild. Yeah, I took a full star off for thieves guild. Worst level ever. I don't even want to get into it because this level feels like it was lifted out of another game it's so uncharacteristically bad. If I was a thief and I had a guild, I would not make my guild's base hidden under a casino that is under a password-protected restaurant, connected by sewer tunnels just to hide an ugly stupid vase. But seriously if you even have a passing interest in the concept of video games you have to play this.

Garrett is the coolest of cool cats, a true freewheeler, the ideal role model and not some antihero. Dude flunked through all the Keeper conditioning in favor of doing what he loves doing, thieving gold in his case, after all real gamers chase em passions of the heart and not grades. He DGAF about black & white nonsense conflicts he's forcibly dragged into cuz he's no pawn, just hops past the chess floor while flipping the finger to ideological tyrants and the Adversary himself. Cuz the paths of thief and God are worn as one in the earth. So start "thieving gold" boysngirls, make life yours.

I love stealth games and have heard nothing but praise about Thief for as long as I've played games, but I just cannot stand this. It's so damn jank and tedious and boring to look at. I respect its legacy, but I don't think I can really appreciate and enjoy this game in the modern day.