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The Music in this is a hidden masterpiece.

en mi perra vida voy a volver a jugar esta madre, me aburrió en todo aspecto

My comfort game and the most fun Ive had playing.
Evie has all my heart but combat with Jacob is so much fun.

Ужасная тупая боевая система, дотошный однотипный сюжет, абсурдность - добро пожаловать в конвеерную Кредо Ассасинов

Pretty alright for an AC game, but it's the usual Ubisoft pitfalls. Same format as always, too much action left to cutscenes, too much side shit and collectables.
Ending fight was... lackluster. Pretty meh. At least let me actually play in the ending cutscene, damn.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate é O JOGO mais fraco da franquia.

Aprobado justísimo y por que conserva la movilidad del Unity. Personajes vacíos e historia olvidable.

Amazing New Mechanics is A lot Different But Its also good and the story is interesting the characters switch and other things

This game was my GOAT for games with big excellent settings that had fun gameplay and stories so absolutely god awful that I made up my own story to make it feel like my actions actually mattered.

eu não sou de fazer review de jogo meia boca, mas esse aqui, puta que pariu.
o jogo simplesmente não funciona direito na maioria do tempo. A historia é fraca, o parkour é satisfatório, mas só quando o personagem realmente acerta a porra do movimento que eu quero fazer (na maioria das vezes ele simplesmente só erra e trava na merda de uma parede) é frustrante. o combate do jogo de primeira vista parece muito legal, mas depois de umas 3 horas de gameplay tu percebe que ele é extremamente exagerado e chato, o stealth do jogo é bom mas os inimigos são burros demais, além de que a luta final foi a pior boss fight que eu já vi em um jogo. O jogo tem MUITO bug também, muito mais do que eu achei que teria.
Amo a franquia Assassin's creed, mas esse aqui me decepcionou muito

Esse jogo é o jogo mais bugado que eu já joguei (em termos de conquistas) pra mim está impossível de platinar ele no xbox. Um monte de conquistas bugadas, nem fazendo um nova save tem como conseguir fazer as conquistas. A historia eu não posso dizer nada pq eu pulei tudo, porem o final é interessante. Esse é um dos ac com o melhor parkour, o combate é desafiador e não é muito bom. Esse ac tá no meu top 3 mesmo com todos os problemas.

Overhated. Very fun. Not quite peak AC but not far away.

My second ever AC game (the first was the very first game) and the first AC game I beat. I'm aware of how it reuses a lot of Unity and is kind of a lazy entry, but it's the last game that lets you play as an actual assassin and the only game to give you the Arkham grappling hook, so there's that. The grappling hook fixes the biggest issue this map has: unlike Unity, the map isn't built for you to normally parkour over it, or at least not as smoothly as Unity. It gets pretty tedious so you're better off just using the grappling hook. I also HATE that the helix glitches give you nothing more than lore logs and XP. It's literally Destiny 1 Grimoires all over again, which is a shame, since collecting them is actually really fun, but there's nothing cool you get for doing it soooooooooooo. The story also sucks ass I'm not gonna lie. They basically just used the Farcry formula and made the most basic story ever. It could've been cool, considering I enjoyed the first act and its lighter, fun tone. The twins are fun characters but after the first maybe ten missions, the story stops being fun. Jacob's character starts to become really unlikable and Evie seemed to be the only one that knows she's in an AC game. It got really dumb, the writing and missions got worse and worse, and the Roth storyline everyone seemed to absolutely LOVE for some reason was super overrated and rushed as all hell.

So why the fuck is this game rated so high? It's simple. The combat is fucking great and the amount of content here is cool too. I mained Evie for most of my playthrough because of her stealth focus and badass cane sword. Jacob takes a slightly more of a brawler approach, which was also not bad by any means. The whole two protagonist thing was pretty cool, despite not being fully realized in the story. On top of that, the side missions/objectives, post-game Queen Victoria missions, random crimes, collectible quests, perks, variety of random encounters, gang fights, a fight club, horse racing and A FUCKING WWII SIMULATION give you plenty to do outside of the story. Not to mention the game has vehicles, its own hub area with a train, and some story content for those still following the story post-AC3 (so barely anyone, but hey, it's still here). It's also the most modern historical time period AC has visited and although a lot of its strengths are carried over from Unity, it still makes this one great. Overall, as one of my first AC games, this was a blast, but I do see myself not looking back at it as fondly later on when I play other entries. But since I haven't yet, it's getting 4 stars. It may be a bit high, but I had a blast. Game had me hooked. Also Evie Frye marry me.

I hate traversal in the game and the parkcore kinda sucked. Fighting was abit shite aswell with the endless combos. But the stealth was great tbh and i loved London as the setting. Pretty gd portrait of London.

Not very memorable but had fun playing it.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate é mal feito.

Depois de terminar esse jogo, eu formulei uma teoria, talvez atualmente esse jogo seja mais bugado que o AC unity, por que ele não teve a recepção negativa que o Unity teve, logo a equipe da Ubi não sentiu necessidade de polir o jogo, essa é a única explicação para o jogo ser tão mal feito.

A História desse jogo parece uma cópia de outros jogos da própria Ubisoft, a única coisa realmente boa nela são as participações de figuras Históricas da época, de resto é tudo genérico e não vale sua atenção, o vilão então não só tem uma das batalhas de chefe mais patéticas dos games como também tem as motivações mais básicas que um vilão pode ter.
Os gráficos são decentes, eles tem alguns bugs de vez enquanto e os inimigos e aliados tem todos os mesmos modelos, mas o jogo é bonito.

Agora a Gameplay meu Deus, tem tanto problema que nem sei por onde começar, acho que de início posso dizer que esse é um dos jogos mais bugados que joguei esse ano, todas as mecânicas são problemáticas, a dirigibilidade é uma merda, o combate é repetitivo e bugado, o Stealth é prejudicado pelos inimigos extremamente burros, o crafting é o básico do básico, enfim eu poderia falar a fundo sobre cada problema das mecânicas, mas da para resumir tudo em preguiça e pressa, as missões principais são legais nas primeiras vezes assim como as secundárias, até você perceber que você faz exatamente as mesmas coisas nas secundárias e nas principais, o que no final acaba ficando repetitivo, outro ponto que vale mencionar é a inteligência artificial, do qual nem parece ter uma no jogo, inclusive a maior parte dos bugs está relacionado aos inimigos e a IA, e pra finalizar os controles, em 70% do tempo eles funcionam bem mas no resto ou eles não funcionam ou se confundem.

Se eu disser que não me diverti jogando essa merda, vou estar mentindo, mas além de frustrante eu terminei ele com uma sensação de cansaço e com um gosto amargo na boca, ele parece um produto que se tivesse sido revisado talvez fosse divertido, mas ele é tão problematico em tantos aspectos que sem dúvidas esse é um dos piores AC que eu já tive o desprazer de jogar.

En sıkıldığım ac olabilir ama kötü değil, yenir

Got it on sale for 4 dollars was pretty fun. Truly the beginning of the end for assassin's Creed(old formula, Origins was actually great)

AC Syndicate had the potential of being better than unity but disappointed in all aspects except mission and level design. Ubisoft made baffling decisions which made this a regression of unity's hard work put in by them. Everything from parkour to side missions were severely gutted to deliver something that use all of the bones of unity yet is a deformed game. The rope launcher in the game is an excellent marketing tool for batman as this thing is just a cheat code for all things that unity did for parkour and substitutes them for a boring tool which feel really mundane outside of stealth missions and gives us a reminder of why we should play the batman arkham games. On the other hand the stealth and hitman esque black box missions were the pinnacle of this game. The missions all had good depth and used the all of the mechanics well including the rope launcher. The gang liberation missions also used stealth very well and those are the biggest highlights for this game. The main assassination missions all had cohesion and villains were all mostly memorable, some more so than others. I liked the goofy characters of Jacob and Evie and didn't mind them all too much. I think they are fine and can be somewhat memorable. In the end it did deliver a well rounded experience something ubisoft seems to struggle with these days. Now pretty much all of the side quests and associate activities were quite mundane and extremely boring except the liberation stuff from gangs. The maharaja DLC feels like a fan made mod shat out by a now "AAAA" publisher and is unremarkably bad. Jack the ripper DLC on the other hand was quite enjoyable although quite disturbing because the subject matter is also very disturbing. I also love how they made Evie Indian and why did they do it? They managed to spin a real life mystery with assassin's creed quite coherently and is commendable. The atmosphere was grim and eerie and playing as Evie, London feels alone almost like a ghost town but it isn't and you as a character feel isolated and are on your lonesome and the feeling of loneliness in a city where you once ruled (in game) feels awfully eerie. This game has a lot of bugs similar to unity's which I thought would be fixed but I guess a bent nail will never be perfect. All in all a frustratingly average experience that redeems itself because of the main mission design, stealth and memorable characters. This game was completed 100% except achievements because ubisoft connect is ass.

The most interesting, but extremely poorly optimized part. Almost vomited.

Самая интересная, но крайне плохо оптимизированная часть. Чуть не стошнило.

por incrível que pareça, meu assassins creed favorito

this game is... meh.
i found it extremely enjoyable just exploring the city, but the main quests are... boring to say the least.
it feels like Ubisoft was too scared to have a female protagonist so they made Jacob. he is such a bore to watch and play as.
i enjoyed the side quests a lot more.
customization is fun as always