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Great game, great narrative, great mechanics. By far, the worst thing about this game is its maps, but with milas turnwheel, it becomes a lot less of an issue than other FEs. By far the best 3ds FE game, buy

a good remake but too bad gaiden sucks lol

A great remake of Gaiden.
Gaiden was always an interesting entry and bringing it into the modern era gives it the chance to show it off.

Not as good as Awakening, but miles ahead of Fates.
First game in the series to have full voice-acting, so that's cool.

Best presentation of any Fire Emblem game I've played. Voice acting and cutscenes were amazing. From what I've heard this is pretty true to the original, which unfortunately means it suffers from outdated map design, etc.

gave me hell and i still loved every second of it

Terrible/lackluster map design but by far one of the best games of the series in almost every other way.

Si te dicen que este FE solo vale la historia y como juego esta meh huye de esa persona lo mas lejos que puedas

The people here will all trick you into spending 30-40 hours playing an NES Fire Emblem game and I'm all for it

one day inti creates said "what if we made a fire emblem game that's good" and this is what happened

Literally the best Fire Emblem game ever

Seems fine, but the map design just isn't vibing with me for some reason...

Easily the best of Fire Emblem's modern era, managing to be compelling and not fall nearly as deep into the pit of anime cliche bait that the other modern games tend to

hmm today i will lead the liberation army and kill god

Would honestly be a contender for best game in the series if it wasn't like that

The art is FANTASTIC, the gameplay isn't. The dungeons were a bit boring. The maps were a bit disappointing as well. The story, on the other hand, was really good.

Best story presentation in the series, and among the best story wise. From that alone I highly recommend it. The gameplay is a little different from most FE games playing much more into the RPG elements of the series.

Very good, very fun game. In my opinion, Celica was the more nuanced protagonist and had a way cooler route, while Alm was more the vanilla shounen protagonist. I liked both of them, but I was a bit disappointed with how they decided to tie the two routes together at the end.

It feels a bit shackled by being a product of the 90s, with some female characters kind of being pushed to the back seat for the men at the end of the day, but that's more of a tiny speck of a complaint that I had of at the end of everything and it's not something that would impact me replaying it. I again acknowledge that it's probably just a product of its time, but even then this was probably a very progressive game for having female protagonist at all.

The voice acting was very good, the characters were very charming, and the music is great. The game is appropriately difficult, and it all makes for a fun playthrough. Alm and Celica are a very cute pair, and I'd love to see them again, whether through me replaying it or through some other means.

This game restored my faith in Fire Emblem after the mess that was Fates. I wish it sold better, but it is what it is.

if this game had better map design every other fe game simply could not compete

A forgotten gem. The strategy and mechanics are compelling, and the maps are serviceable, despite what people say. But the real treasure here is the storytelling. It's a beautiful exploration of Gods and their effects on humanity. It never loses sight of its central dichotomy, perfectly encapsulated by its deuteragonists and their intersecting journeys. Fire Emblem Echoes is ambitious, intelligent, and lovingly detailed. It features the best presentation in the franchise, from the voice acting to the masterful character interactions. Play it. It's worth it.

love the story, characters, and art, and even though the maps are fucking garbage i still like it a lot.

A hidden gem in the Fire Emblem series! This remaster went above and beyond, elevating the story and developing the music and characters while also introducing new and unique game elements to the Fire Emblem formula.

prob the best fire emblem game

Don't buy the dlc for this game, it's honestly not worth it. I was horrified to learn it totaled $45. With that said, Shadows of Valentia does a lot of things right and breathes a lot of new life in an older game. The things it didn't change are often dreadful, though, so if you're familiar with Awakening and Fates and looking at this game, you'd probably be better off skipping it. It can be an absolute slog to play, especially the later maps. The story can be fun, but only if you can handle the protags making frankly stupid decisions. Berkut is the best part of this game.

standard Fire emblem with wonkier map design but insanely good voice acting and presentation.

Great game, especially Alm's route.