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at the very least, i learned a little bit more about the death industry with this one. i appreciate the informational emails about green burials and such, as i was not previously really all that familiar with what everything is like surrounding the logistics of burials. the actual 'gameplay' is absolutely nothing special, but i also didn't expect it to be. there is a narrative here, and i think it's neat that it's told through reading your email. however, the titular mortician you play as never has any dialogue and you never get to read any emails she writes. i ended up feeling like i knew a good bit about the people i was receiving emails from, but not really anything about Charlie herself. you can definitely infer how she feels about certain issues and the like, but it didn't really feel like "A Mortician's Tale" as much as it was a tale about a funeral home.

overall an informative game, but not one that particularly moved me outside of simply thinking about death.

I wish this game's narrative was explored a bit more -- torn between feeling like the game ended too soon and also dragged out for too long. Maybe the parts I didn't really care for dragged on? Unsure, feeling mixed.

a game that is definitely more than some of its parts but I think it left something to be desired for me i like the themes and the way it shows some ethical issues but then it just kinda ends and it feels like it has an unearned "happy" ending

a very cute and informative game about the mortician process. the cover art is also beautiful.

You can use this in your curriculum to get a mortician job

Dear Future Me,

you really enjoyed this game because it made you think about death in a compassionate and respectful manner. In fact it made you tear up a little thinking about all the times you or someone you know could have died. Especially that scene with the car accident.
Fuck cars. All motorists are terrorists.
Anyway go discover some more death positive media, its good.

Kind regards,
xoxo etc

The game was quite boring, repetitive and slow. The job of a Mortician is very intriguing to me and even though the game shows the occupation quite good, they made it very repetitive and it lacked that something. The funerals were very simple, quick and not all that well made.

Something that they did well was definitely the minesweeper (though the symbols were confusing) and the emails/story within the emails.

Oh, now this hurt. I really picked the best and worst time to play this, as I'm currently beginning (for the first time ever) to cope with the fact that I Am Getting Older, my grandparents probably won't be around much longer, that one 'aged' filter on TikTok showing me what I'm probably going to look like when I'm 70... if that is, I make it to 70, because the world is kind of caving in on itself right now and it's really hard being young, trans, and trying to get into the creative industry. I related to it a lot in the sense that I want to work for a smaller company, but the corporate creep-in is inevitable. It's scary! This game made me think about what would happen when I die, not like, if I go to heaven or what, but would happen to everyone else. What if I die young? Middle aged? Old? If I'm famous? If I end up alone? Plus, Pee-Wee died today... and I grew up on his TV show.

As for the game itself, the point and click mechanics are a bit finicky, some of the assets are a bit fuzzy, and it's a very repetitive game. Gameplay wise it's like Cooking Mama, but with scalpels and tubing, and without the flashy feedback loop and timers. Is it bad for me to say that, after reading that some of the people died in accidents, I was hoping their model would be a bit more... mangled? Not only for the sake of mixing it up a bit, but because in the funeral section, I'd talk to the family and they'd say like 'oh, I wouldn't want to see her after the accident' and I just thought to myself like, 'she looked the exact same as all the other ones'. But definitely worth a play, for the story and tone, not exactly the gameplay.

A very short, wonderfully written game about death. It's a shame we didn't see more expressive character art in the game. Charlie's design in the promo material is great and I wish we could've seen more of that and the other main characters, but I guess all indie titles have their limits.

A quick little game that made me really admire the death industry more, pretty interesting :3

I think the game was enjoyable but needs to be expanded upon. It had a lot of potential that it didn't tap into.

A short, basically educational point-and-click about being a mortician in a funeral home, covers some small aspects of the business, a simplified show of the process, and has educational bits about funeral customs and different burial methods. I found it quite enjoyable and educational, despite the repetitive nature of a lot of it and the few rough grammar hiccups.

I would describe this game, above all else, as educational. It taught me a LOT about the funeral home industry and the options for what to do with loved ones after death. The game also isn't afraid to shy away from heavier topics and issues with the industry. The narrative was satisfying and there were a few really poignant moments.
Players are not given any choices within the game, and there is no skill required. Education and narrative take the forefront. Everything you are meant to do is heavily telegraphed, usually with text explicitly telling you what the next step is. This, in some ways, is good, because it maintains the game's educational and respectful tone. Obviously, a game teaching you about how to respectfully care for the dead doesn't want you to accidentally do something wrong with one of the bodies. However, this also means that the game requires no skill or agency. This is a neutral fact, but one that potential players should know going in.
ALSO: As stated before, this game deals with death and all the heavy topics surrounding it. Only play it if you are in a good headspace and are ready to confront such topics.

I love this game, I watch a lot of Ask a Mortician (who I was not surprised to see in the credits) and this does a wonderful job helping you understand what they might have to go through.

Cortito, entretenido y "algo" reflexivo - en su momento no me hizo meditar mucho, la verdad. Quizá le vuelva a dar un tiento en otro momento.

people complaining about this being slow and repetitive missed the point of what this should be, it's narrative driven so most of the "game" is getting the story through context by reading the emails

anyways this was really good i really loved it, death is a really sensitive topic and the game managed to pull some strong emotions from me somewhere 3/4 into the story

A handful of thought-provoking messages strewn across a game neither visually or mechanically interesting, a short indie that just sets out to bolster thy mood if you're perhaps grieving or today's work sucked humongous balls. It teaches you a few things about being a mortician, perhaps, if you bother to remember direct instructions that do not consult your ability to actually remember them. That said your bestie keeps asking you for skype dates and this is very unnacceptable social behavior graaaaaaaah

this game hits like a brick in a 90 minute runtime, the kind of game you need to just sit for a while after

This game is majorly depressing. It has very repetitive gameplay but ultimately the game is what it says it is. Solid gameplay as well as nice variety of objectives. Reading several emails I didn't care about was boring. Listening to what everyone had to say was interesting too. Strange but alright. Pref cremations, 7/10.