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4/5 or higher ratings are games I would reccomend anyone to play.
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From being one of the BIGGEST Persona 3 haters, this game is pretty nice. I used to tell people to watch the movies as that was the best way to experience the Persona 3 story, but with this release it changes it.

The game is pretty much the same thing, with some minor FES story BS thrown in. The updated visuals improved the time I had during the low story moments you encounter, which improved my time beating it. Characters having theurgies, controling all the party members, and making the tower from hell enjoyable; these are key areas you will notice most if you came from FES or Vanilla P3

I keep a running ranking of Persona mainline games, and P3 Reload shot way up the rankings. I don't think this game clicks with me as well as the two ranked above it, but I would encourage people to play this game over most of the others any day of the week.

Updated Rankings:

1. P4G
2. P2IS
3. P3R
4. P2 EP
5. P5R
6. P1

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This Game is wild. But the Pokemon fan meltdown is better than the game.

Kingpaca or bust

God I LOVE when two gaming giants meet and create the greatest content of 2023.

-Brainworm inside my head