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This game is fucking huge.

There are so many minigames and activities, and outside of a couple, they were all great. I especially liked the Johnny quest which made you collect trinkets from all over the world, some from mastering minigames, some from tough challenges, or some from random exploration. The flavour text on a lot of them was really nice too, and it acted as a nice sort of completion list. Another one of my favourite parts was the Protorelics and their overall quest. They are all references to 7/Remake, and I appreciated them bringing back Fort Condor since I thought Queen's Blood wasn't that great. Just like the previous game, the sequel is very easy, even with dynamic (just level scaling?) for most of the time, so I do wish they would just give a harder difficulty from the start...Also, like the remake, the last chapter here kind of gets a little too crazy, and I was equally confused as to how your party members get picked for each phase. It turns out to be set, and it looks like it will be a lot easier when I replay in hard mode. Despite that final chapter, the rest of the game seemed pretty faithful, hitting everything with only a few glaring changes (Gi storyline expanded, Cid introduced & handled differently, Tifa lifestream). The extra postgame challenges and hard mode in general (I assume from Remake) were a nice way to end the game and get rid of the memory of Grasslands (I hate that zone so much now). Though I understand it is much harder to justify for a lot of people with how large this game was (even if they give you more time playing as Sephiroth and Zack).

Did they tease Zack way too much? Yes, but I loved seeing Cissnei and hearing the music in Gongaga.

Could they have deleted grasslands since it is a terrible zone? Yeah, but the later open world zones are much better because you're forced to explore more with your chocobo.

Could they have cut or split another zone like Corel? Yeah probably, Corel being in two different locales at two different times in the story really helped with the pacing.

Could you cut 90% of the things Chadley says? Yes

Very little negative to say about this. Simply delightful.

worthy of all the praise that it gets. aside from some menu clunkiness due to being an old jrpg and some characters not being fleshed out backstory-wise or as effective as others combat-wise this game is near-perfect. tells one of the best stories i've seen in a video game that rewards you in spades for taking the effort to go out and see all that it has to offer

Go to the Xbox accessories app and invert the right analog stick, then pick Saburouta as your starting character. You can thank me later.

they could never make me hate you cait sith

Best Dante design, great soundtrack, some of the ideas and environments are cool, I don't care. The game was alright, y'all are just being mean. There's worse.

I've been insisting that Trish is actually kinda fun to play as for ages, but no one else wants to beat the game twice to try it and they just take my word for it.

I only recently learned there was a code to unlock her from the start.

some parts feel a bit rushed while others feel like they padded them for time - are you seriously gonna show me a cutscene for each rupee type every time i reload a save? still? arent we past this? most puppey-mechanics feel extremely patchy and every time i had to do 9 5-sec transformations in a row to get like 20 rupees from a puzzle i wanted to smash the monitor

i guess thats what happens when you promise a 30 hour game is 50 hours

other than that it's pretty close to being a perfect 3d zelda

Full review here (Dutch): https://www.budgetgaming.nl/game-review/avatar:+frontiers+of+pandora_ps5.html

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora straddles the line between visual splendor and a lack of depth. Ubisoft manages to accurately portray the world of James Cameron's Avatar films in a game, but unfortunately it also takes on the film's drawbacks, especially the story. Add to this the limited gameplay and all this makes Frontiers of Pandora a breathtaking, if very shallow, expansion of the Avatar universe.

Infinite has some thing better than Bioshock 1 and some others worse. Story is okay, just a little pretentious. Wait a minute, that card.

People are down on this but I love it, maybe even more than the first Bioshock.