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Same gameplay as always as far as I can tell, but I'm no expert and not a multiplayer guy, so really the only thing for me to comment on here is the new look. The level and unit graphics are fine at best. They're slightly too cartoony to my eye, but zoomed out they are fairly faithful and have good detail. The unit portraits however, suck major ass and it's almost impressive the degree to which they suck the soul straight the fuck out of the whole game. The blandest low-effort modern CG stuff possible, zero of the charm of the originals. And even though you can toggle the new graphics on and off at will, they actually made the old portraits worse by running them through a filter, so now they're smeary and gross. No pixels allowed! Also they replaced the simple and effective between-mission text screens with shitty concept art ass, fan art ass illustrations that take me right out of it and match absolutely nothing. Dumb. Bad. Stupid. Why.
Anyway, the game is still good.

Manages to avoid many of the usual pitfalls of PC expansion packs and justify itself nicely.
- Not just harder for the sake of it
- New ideas for missions and 'level design' are well done and engaging, lots of fun new twists
- A real plot sequel to the original game that moves things forward meaningfully instead of treading water or just being random missions
- New units and skills, while a bit skimpy, fill holes in the original palette
Feels more like the second half of the original than something tacked on or made for a quick buck, and that's probably the highest goal something like this should be aspiring to.

What an incredibly confident, polished game. A huge leap forward from WARCRAFT II and probably pound-for-pound the best game Blizzard has ever made.
Great, balanced races that are each unique and compelling in their own ways. A superb story in single-player (especially for the genre) which isn't particularly deep but has just enough characterization and really excellent voice acting to sell the fairly standard sci-fi drama. A cohesive look and feel that is just cartoony enough, just realistic enough, just violent enough, just goofy enough, just grimdark enough to find some kind of funny balance that seems all its own. Tons of little details in the units and structures and the art to suggest a lot more about the setting than is in the text and fully avoid any kind of exhaustive loredumps.
Really, this game is about the polish. Love and attention in every corner. The kind of game that feels like it must have just appeared one day, fully-formed. Immaculately conceived rather than developed. There are a couple things you could wish were a bit different, but I feel like there are few games that were this destined to be iconic. They must have known how special it was sending it out the door.