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The problem and solution don't feel concrete, but it starts out resembling a fairly simple chain of rooms that can be grasped and understood enough to get through. Comprehension isn't fully there, should've drank more water after [menial labor]. The world itself twists and boundaries of rooms get corrupted. But it's hard to really 'corrupt' what is felt as hazy and coarse as one could be. Looking earlier, the earlier version was mostly memorable in the buzz and whirr of coolers and clocks and the sprinkling of nature at very specific angles.
You somehow return to one of the rooms, and the boundaries are roughly the same, but further changes knocks one off further. It's enough to cause a far longer to cause a challenge, but at times some solutions deviate enough to raise flags. "That doesn't feel right", but the solutions keep you moving on. Things that must be broken, even when nearly nothing indicates that's how you do it. And then the world pauses.
Top audio/visual design that makes sense in a greater picture. It's good, very dense for such a relatively short time. Granted, I was also dehydrated and thus a more glassy experience than possibly intended. Not sure.
Thank you for reading.

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In some sense, Modus and the wider Haunted PSX & 'boomer shooter' communities at large are a great embodiment of the contemporary aspect of the (U.S./Anglosphere) indie scene online, for better and worse. Solo-small teams that jam and/or create equivalent vertical slices to prop up, like the "Alt Lit" of gamedev. Network and BYOH (Bring Your Own Hype).
For what is intended to be a direct throwback to an then/currently untranslated JP game called Germs, ends up having the closer visual aesthetic to the pale, juttery Mondo Medicals/Agency. An early proto-walking simulator minus any long digressions to further bog an experience down. Text boxes flow slow and a more lenient version of tank controls.
The music loops are pleasant, with a couple feeling notable enough that they could have been on a demoscene style musicdisk. ItemLabel would probably publish something like this. A whole cottage industry of Vibes.

While the story isn't an instant barn blazer from its first hour, once it gets going, got dang does it then step up. More turns and twists that managed to catch me off, and even a cliche ending that makes more sense when contextualized. Some were easy to catch (art style, music cues), others were patchy and obscured. Very good for a relatively compact ('medium' length acccording to vndb), free VN. I do wish the developer a better numbers count in the future, considering the kickstarter behind this project.
EDIT: oh sweet it's getting expanded (an expansion? dunno the right word. update?), here's to hoping I can buy it on Itch.