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One of those biographies that I wonder if it was a good idea to read. Destabilizing, destructive, ripping. I like that it told me that it's creepier to try to help, because I constantly run into that problem. All I want to do is be helpful for the people I know. Sometimes that's the only thing that matters. I felt suicidal the first week of the new year about it. The last time I was that suicidal was years and years ago. Reading this whole reality was a painful reminder that I'm still dealing with the trauma of transaction with care, giving, taking, even if it's not, even if it's not nearly to the same physical extremely fucked up extent pictured here. I won't get into how or why, that's not for me to share right now.
Really, I debated if there's even a point in writing something over this. Because it feels, at least for me, hazy to write myself on top of a story that is worth being read out to you from the person's voice, not mine. I'm just throwing my personal baggage over it like most others will, because passing the puck is easier.
I'm a bit too fucked up internally to care too much about how people I don't put in the time to be as a companion see me anymore. It's enough to work on the connections I still have, and am currently slipping with a few on. It's enough to be working on transitioning as well on top of everything, and being reminded that yeah, I'm now a walking soon-to-be-statistic maybe.

Cute lil parody thing. It's smarmy about itself but moreso in the charming hehe scrunkly side rather than the "h i yes do you gett this one???", although there's still a bit of that which kind of makes me roll my eyes. But it's kind of like the roll your eyes when your friend's making that really dumb in-joke you have together, that you've probably heard like 10+ times from them but still kind of makes you internally smile because it's coming from that genuine point in history you two share. In this case we've both played moon and we really liked moon, we're giggling about moon's jokes that are (really harmlessly) riffed right off. It's cute, we had a good time, extended metaphor included. That being said if you made it past that really lame joke (I've been inspired) and feel like this game might be a bit underwhelming I'd suggest trying out Magic Wand cuz that game's really cool.

Really lovely aesthetic short rpg. Honestly kind of cute, got that right kind of unhinged and wears its influences very nicely on its sleeve. Enjoyable time and it's free, and it's just kind of nice to unwind on something that's just complete nonsense about itself. Also had a few giggles and smiles.
Played for a new friend! <3