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Jet Grind Radio
Jet Grind Radio

Sep 23

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Sep 22

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Sep 21


Sep 21

Strikers 1945 III
Strikers 1945 III

Sep 20

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Not as good as the original, but still better than a lot of run and gun games imho. Love that Gunstar Red in this, is queer-coded and that playing the game on harder difficulties unlocks more plot points in the story. Definitely got me replaying the game more than I expected and I was able to grow more of an appreciation for it, despite it not being Treasure's best.

Jet Set Radio is the perfect example to me, that having nostalgia for a flawed retro game is not the end all be all to actually be able to enjoy it. Sure, I definitely did not enjoy it much at the beginning, but the more I got into it, that growing fondness for the game, became euphoric. I was obsessed, pretty much drooling over the sequel I still haven't gotten to finish. Constantly listening to the JSR soundtracks, literally buying a physical copy of the combo pack of Jet Set Radio Future that came with Sega GT 2002, and not being able to get it to work on a relative's 360, pain... Vibes can genuinely carry a game, let those vibes intoxicate you.