Computer Science student from Brazil. Currently developing a gothic hack n' slash called Bloodrush: Undying Wish.
I admit my ratings sometime get a bit arbitrary, so I'll try my best to explain them here:
1: Hate. Complete, utter hate. I would punch the developer if I could.
2-3: Either an unplayable game or a terrible experience filled with boredom, frustration and/or headaches.
4-5: I wish I had skipped this one. An average experience not even worth its time.
6-7: A good game worth its time, though usually one-and-done - in other words, it didn't wow me, and I could've lived without it. Wouldn't buy it full-price, maybe not even at half-price.
8-9: A great, engaging game that has amazed me in some way or another. Definitely would buy it at half-price, and maybe at full-price.
10: Either a flawless masterpiece or an incredibly powerful experience. I 100% love this game, and would happily buy it full-price.
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Fun, varied and quite polished. Not only does UDO feel great to play, with its satisfying animations and game feel, but it surprisingly contains a lot of content, with different upgrades, enemies, regions and skins to look forward to and unlock. Overall, this is a short, sweet and engaging title that's great to play while listening to music or a podcast.

This review contains spoilers

I unfortunately have a very specific bone to pick with this game - Chapter 3. The oh so infamous Chapter 3, in which the player needs to juggle the attention of their two friends in their time of need.

Running up to that moment, I was relatively enjoying the game, even despite its romantic undertones - I was still hoping to be able to act as the main characters' close gay friend, talking through their relationships and helping them vent and navigate this turbulent period of their lives.

Then the game throws up a timer out of nowhere, and without giving any option to state the reasonable thing ("hey, sorry, can we continue this conversation later? I promise I want to help you, but something came up", or something along these lines), the game instead forces the player to essentially lie to both of them and predictably make one of them upset for not actually listening to them.

I just, I don't know. This felt so gamey, so out of reality. I'm not angry that Evelyn got upset, I'm just disappointed that the game didn't give me the options to try to approach the situation the way I envisioned. I really dislike lying to people like that, and being forced in that situation just took me out of the narrative completely.

Okay, so first off - this game is fucking nuts.

The art direction is all over the place - pixelated items among anime-styled portraits, 3D rooms alongside 2D textures. It really is a mess, almost dream-like in its absurdity - and yet this artistic dissonance, perhaps intentionally, only improves its sinister tone.

Due to its constant ping-ponging between humor and horror, the player finds themselves always unprepared for what is to come, lowering their guard with an absurdist skit only to get promptly hit in the face with a character death or an act of terror by the game's main antagonist, Monokuma. Just like the rest of the game, Monokuma seems innocuous at first - a cuddly teddy bear toy - only to prove himself throughout the course of the game as an absolutely vicious creature, yet still maintaining his composure as a 'tee-hee' cute mascot.

This humor, this humanity, I think, is the main drive of the game. Hope is given, and hope is taken - despair taking hold ever more frequently as cases unfold, with beolved characters getting killed off, or proving themselves as traitorous killers. While logic and deduction certainly have their place in the game, I don't think that's the game's focus, with its myriad of minigames and visual novel-esque systems - instead, it lies firmly in its characters, its atmosphere, and its style - which are all very gripping.