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Little Nightmares
Little Nightmares
Detroit: Become Human
Detroit: Become Human
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Honkai: Star Rail
Honkai: Star Rail

May 25

NieR: Automata
NieR: Automata

May 24

Epistory: Typing Chronicles
Epistory: Typing Chronicles

May 19

The Last of Us Part I
The Last of Us Part I

May 15


May 14

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i wish so badly that genshin had the level of writing this game has. not that star rail is a literary masterpiece, but it's infinitely more fun, the main character is actually likeable and not a mute stand-in for the player, and the dialogue doesn't treat the player like an elementary student
cool turn-based mechanics, too bad i suck at turn-based games
i was hyped for this, and played when it came out, but just a couple weeks in i was already thinking of dropping it. is it the fact that i've already invested so much time in genshin and don't want to spend time grinding in another hoyoverse game? are turn-based games not for me? guess i'll never know
also the game seems to be unexplainedly perfoming poorly in certain areas (mostly xianzhou), while genshin doesn't seem to have that issue despite being open world?

surprisingly fun game
really liked the game's mechanics

interesting story, but the whole side-arcs/sidequests that require you to find this guy's ball or find this dude's mixtape felt really monotonous, but if you just go through the main story without any of the side content you'll end up hitting roadblocks because of being extremely underleveled. i didn't want to spend hours doing side content that would make me hate the game, so i just watched a playthrough on youtube.
other than that, the combat mechanics are really interesting, and the sketchbook-style art is really charming.