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Dude I have not felt like being on my- is anyone else like this? Like the past like two months man I dont wanna be on my computer ever. Like I'm so over the computer. I think corona- They can't take me serious if you look at me like that.
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It's kinda like Kirby's Epic Yarn where I can appreciate all the unique and different things they were going for, but there's not much in the entire game that is engaging enough to encourage the formation of a thought. It is certainly one of the games of all time.

Mega Man fans are too receptive to Capcom's bullshit. Their sheer incompetence during the 7th gen has been well-documented, and all they've done since to rectify their countless missteps is a single Mega Man game. Despite the fanbase turning around and making MM11 the best-selling game in the franchise, we're at 5 years since its release, the 35th anniversary has came and went and Capcom has shown no sign of a new game. Instead, we got X Dive.
Now unlike most people, I'm no stranger to gacha games. I've tried many, and I've enjoyed many. As a result of my lack of seething hatred for them, I was more hopeful than most when the game was first announced. I went into it with an open mind, lasted about a week, and then dropped it out of boredom. It's not a good gacha game, nor is it an acceptable Mega Man game by any stretch of the imagination. Haphazard level design that felt AI-generated. Grindy progression that is simultaneously boring and tedious. Borderline incomprehensible english translation. From head to toe, the game hardly had any redeeming factors. Playing as various characters across the entire franchise would be neat, if not for the fact that playing the game itself is a complete slog. I would genuinely rather beat X6 and X7 back-to-back than consider booting this garbage up again. And then they had the gall to charge 30 bucks for this slop, despite essentially just removing the gacha system and leaving the rest of the game's myriad problems. You can buy entire series' in the franchise for that price.
The existence of the game is damn near insulting. Hell, we can't even say the game is funding new projects, like the Star Ocean gacha or Fate/Grand Order did, given the game failed and died after a woeful 2-3 years (and there are no new projects to speak of). Not to mention they're making and selling NFTs to promote it too.
It's basically another episode of Bad Boxart Mega Man. The fanservice at least could've been cool if it weren't for Capcom's continued incompetence and the franchise circling the drain. And if I hear one more Capcom cockguzzler say "this should be the standard for mobages", you're gonna see me on the evening news.

It's okay when Valve does it. They are so lucky they've got Olympic dickriders in every sector.