Babies first Visual Novel, it has Sonic though so it's epic.

Fun platformer where you want to try and get high combos.
Main knock against this game is the final boss. Encourages you to use the cheesiest tactics that weren't needed in the regular levels or previous bosses. Not to mention the length; due to the short length and the many phases of the final boss, you will spend about half of the main story just fighting the final boss.

Curly da GOAT.
Fun game with challenging and fair bosses. Enjoyed exploring the world and the characters for the short time I spent with them.
Fuck the Blood Stained Sanctuary.

Really had to compensate for having no True Arena by making Dark Matter/Zero obnoxious to handle in one life.
Any time I needed to use an Animal Buddy not named Koo or Pitch I die a bit inside.

Cute reskin of the first stage of Streets of Rage 2. Nothing more.

Had a fun time with the levels, neat gimmicks throughout. The Robot Masters were tough but still a fun challenge, except Slash Man. This could have been 4.5 stars if Wily Capsule 7 was toned down a bit. It's not even that the attacks were hard to dodge, but the effects of each of the orbs were over tuned to hell.

Tiger Dojo is the greatest thing to be featured in a video game.

This review contains spoilers

Love the Sakura/Ilya/Kirei/Rider route

This is a great game held back by the fact that there is little rhyme or reason to where the ball bounces in relation to your board and the walls. Sometimes the ball continues to bounce in one direction despite hitting different sides of your board. Sometimes the ball will just shoot down on a curved wall with little time to react to it. God forbid the ball gets stuck between two blocks or a boss considering that this game is also working on a time limit and it could be solid 20 seconds that you have to sit and wait for the ball to come back to you.

Pretty entertaining characters and story.
Many of the bosses require trial and error since they can end up taking away a third of your health with something as simple as contact damage.

It is a weird coincidence that most of the SNES games I play are comedy themed action platformers.
Mission 3 sucks, why would you put a boss that can ignore your attacks after an autoscroller where unless you will get hit unless you already know what is coming up.
Mission 6's boss is surprisingly easy.