Played on PlayStation Now on PS5. Played again to pair with the MinnMax Deepest Dive play through. I know I played this when it came out but didn’t remember the end so I’m not sure I finished it before.

Don’t know why it took me so long to finally play this. The last level kicked my ass, but I was a big fan of this. Played on PlayStation Now.

I know this is an all time great but I didn’t play as a kid and I don’t know how to now. Started it on my phone but gave up pretty quickly.

While it’s not really cavy style of gameplay I’m most interested (some bugs were very confusing to figure out how to trap), the style, humor and writing of this game was top notch. The designs and characters were consistently fun and I loved how inclusive the game was. I’m hoping there’s a sequel or the studio does something similar in the future.

This was a fun platformer loaded with references. Had a blast and this was my fourth platinum trophy ever.

Loses a little bit of shine from being mostly an expansion of the previous game, but Miles is a great character and the new move set and set pieces improve on that strong foundation. I’m a big fan of a shorter game experience as well. This felt like a perfect length. Late in the game when Miles goes through an incredible ordeal and then asks “is everyone ok?” gets to the heart of who Spider-Man is. I can’t wait for more.