Joined July 2020. Far and away more interested in movies, but there was once a time where all I knew was the world of gaming. While I no longer know that way of living anymore I still get down with it for both entertainment and artistic purposes. Whether it be on PS5, Switch, or Steam.
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"oh no, he's playing classical music"

Never cared about the first one, both back when it came out and now, but this one? Perfect game. Not sure if I realized it then, though I HIGHLY enjoyed it when it came out, but I certainly do now. The experiment/test-run that was the first game (as much as I admire it's bare bones/simplicity) constructed and paced to the highest degree. Never realized how hard I associate this game with 2011/my mid-teenage years. Definitely felt my body being transported back to those horribly awkward/demented years. So glad it's over. So glad to finally revisit this and see it even more for what it truly is.

Broke my arm playing this game when I was a kid (combination of the game glitching like MAD, basement's cement floor, and me being an idiot for where I was sitting on the couch) so finally beating it now as an adult feels like I rectified that harrowing/dumbass core moment of my childhood. I will not say where I was in the game when it broke because it's only even more embarrassing lol. This does bring up the question: does breaking a bone while playing a video game make you just the absolute HARDEST gamer out there? The answer to that is don't ever fucking call me a gamer.

Definitely not the best Mario game but definitely up there and maybe the best vibes of all of them? This SNES update is just gorgeous. Totally a-okay not to like this one, of course, but anyone complaining that this isn't a REAL Mario game/Mario 2 is probably anti-art. God Birdo.

Very much enjoyed my time with this. Extremely relaxing and satisfying. Knows it's job and gets it done. However, I'm only giving stars for every player that is allowed to play campaign mode with you (including yourself) because it is absolutely fucking stupid that you can only play it with one other friend (at least make another campaign mode that you can progress through with more people) and I SHOULD be giving this ONE STAR for the even more STUPID fact that only the host can earn trophies and enhanced equipment (more or less) in campaign mode while the person helping their campaign along doesn't get ANYTHING (more or less). Along with other little tedious issues here that also shouldn't at all be a problem, this game is an excellent example of how all the stupid little things can add up and taint a pretty solid product. Absolutely no regrets with my time spent beating the campaign with my friend (while the game forced us to leave our others friends behind to DIE) and some solo stuff I did but also COME ON.