Took about almost 3 hours to play and beat in one sitting. My hand and arm are tired but it was worth it to listen to good music and witness good art. A worthy successor imo. The story is very simple and bare bones but these games are mostly for the gameplay and visuals. Love the retro skins and the retro music you can switch in on the fly. Short, sweet, and fun.

I genuinely enjoy this game, but the community can rest in hell.

RIP OW, it hasn't been a pleasure, on the social aspect of things.

I'll be going back and re-rating this as more content is added but in short, I did enjoy this. It's just...super early access.

I put 13 hours into it over the weekend and I found every slime sans the money and gold slime ( though I did run into the gold slime and it vanished before I could nab a golden plort.)

I played a few hours of the original but not enough to say this is the same thing, but not denying it either, I just prefer this one since it looks nicer and has a better feel to it. I will say charging $30 is kinda shitty, especially with the lack of content this game has. Once you've caught all slimes, found all the treasure pods and explored every inch, expanded the entirety of your ranch and fed all the mega slimes or whatever you call them, like I have, you're left with nothing to do but tend to your ranch and get occasional gifts and small bits of lore.

I really like this game, it kept me busy and off social media all weekend, but would love more.

I really wish early access games would just die. Take however your need to to finish the game then charge a full price rather than drip feed people.

I don't agree with people refunding their money, that's doing the opposite of helping these people build the game and develop it more. But at the same time, I also understand why.

I just got my PS5 a week ago and this is the first game I really wanted to experience. It was very much worth the wait and was a constant joyride every step of the way. The game is absolutely gorgeous and inspiring on an artistic level.

This is the first Ratchet and Clank game that I actually bothered to collect all items, get the Ryno 8 built and currently trophy hunting. I've 100% it and playing through again on the hardest difficulty because I wanted to experience this again. I really hope we get another game in this gen rather then next. I only gave it four in a half stars because of the shortness of the game and wishing there was more. The lore has got me interested. I really want Ratchet to find the other Lombaxs damn it.

Pretty solid platformer. I once got to rockbottom without having a memory card at the time. Those floating skulls scared the shit out me though.

My FAVORITE Rugrats game. I'm a sucker for levels with themes and this game has them all. A dino level, a circus level, space, medieval, jungle etc. One of the better Nickelodeon games.

I beat this game twice, once on PS2 because I had recently moved and my 360 was in storage so I had to play on my brother's PS2 and then on 360 later on via Co-op with my boyfriend.

Not as hard as Eternal Night but disappointing. The free flying seemed cool but it very limiting. The graphics were kinda subpar even on a 360 and the hit boxes were BS.

It was nice to finally see the "Dark Master" but they gave him muppet teeth. Unforgivable. And they wasted Mark Hamill's voice talent by layering so much distortion over his voice to where you couldn't understand him hardly. Years later a vid had come out showing what it would be like without the filters and man...what could of been. It was so good.

This game was a missed opportunity.

I did enjoy the final battle and playing as Cynder though.

Only got this game because Ripto was in it but it sucks none the less.

This is my least favorite game in the TLOS series. The difficulty spike is absolutely nuts. Don't even speak to me about the Pirate ship stage. Sure the design of the characters was great like the first game but damn this game was hard as hell. I almost gave up on it but beat it in 2007 and never had a desire to touch it again. Only thing I liked about this game were the finishers or furies if you will. Those went so hard, the Ice Fury was my fave. The charge ups were amazing.

Jokingly my first survival horror game because "Let there be Light" with those paper thin 2D ghosts had me screaming when I was young.

This is probably the best Spyro game not created by Insomniac in the early 2000s. At least in my opinion. Yes I hated how there was no incentive to pic up gems other than for money to buy powers ups you never used ( but mainly for treasure keys to open chests) And Sargent Byrd's speedways were very very bad ESPECIALLY CLOUDY DOMAIN'S I COULD NEVER BEAT THE SECOND PHASE, but it was a step above ETD.

I absolutely loved Red and the worlds and set pieces we're lovely to look at as well as the character designs.( And this is probably my favorite design of Spyro here since they actually gave him yellow crests down his spine.)

I only wish this had some semblance of the original formula but alas this game, although much better than ETD, was the start of Spyro diverging from his original formula.

I was so excited for this game when it came out. I was desperate for any new Spyro game at the time .The cut scenes even at the time seem a bit meh but this game was super cool, I liked it okay enough.

Music was on point but after learning about the dark history behind this game thanks to a 2 hour fan made doc that at this time is currently de-listed, it was no wonder this game turned out how it did. It had a great potential and thanks to at least 2-3 people who were very VERY abusive it came out terrible. Rather than blaming Check Six blame Universal for setting impossible deadlines and making unnecessary game ruining changes and Ricci Rukavina, the main reason why this game is ass.

I remember getting this game with my PS3 for a High School Graduation gift. I also remember it not working when I first put the disc in and having to call Sony about it only for them to tell me that I had to connect to the internet for a bit for it to work. It was a strange bug at the time but it did work at least!

I love this game, it's my fave out of the Future era. Tachyon is my favorite R&C Villian. Everyone loves Dr Nefarious and he is great but Tachyon is my personal fave villian of the series. Great entry into the early PS3 days.

This is my favorite standard Pokemon RPG to date. Happily played it again and originally the first version when that came out. Team Skull is my favorite team and the music in this gen slaps. I remember almost never leaving my room while I played this, good times.