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Welcome to Azoria, stranger! My name's Kaspar! Nice of you to visit our lovely inn! Hey, did you know my mom gave birth to me on one of the pub tables? Yeah I'm just going to keep mentioning it every other time you talk to me! Yep, she gave birth on one of the tables! Possibly multiple since I have a brother! Have fun raising my friendship meter!

One of the only games that I completed at 100%, I put this in my CV and still no one gives me job.

The transition from platformer to a proto opren world was pretty decent and it feels like more of a story than the previous games. The music is absolutely fantastic and it seems that I didn't encounter as many bugs as most people, I found it completely playable.

"Welcome to the Salty Spitoon. How tough are you?"
"How tough am I!? I beat Rayman 1!"
"Yeah, so?"
"Four times. On four different consoles including the weird Game Boy Advance port with the small screen and that one Game Boy Color version no one remembers that actually has a Mr. Dark boss battle."
"R-Right this way!"

I knew I was in for one hell of a time when the magic talking horse showed up.