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Okay-- so, on one hand, this game plays extremely well. Engage's interpretation of the weapon triangle and the titular "Engage" mechanic make combat a blast. Maps are cleverly designed and the battle animations are incredible. The hub world is also fun, and overall, the game has a very rewarding loop that's hard to walk away from.
Unfortunately, I actively dislike everything else. The story is rough and the supports feel AI written. I went in with low expectations given many reviews explicitly stated this game was more focused on tactics, and I still found myself feeling disappointed by the narrative.
I know very well that not every FE game prioritizes story, but there's absolutely a way to have a lighter stakes journey that doesn't take itself too seriously. Instead, we get a plot that echoes the beats of an epic fantasy tale without giving us any reason to care.
Despite my issues with Engage, I am still enjoying the game. My advice is to skip the cutscenes, give everyone sunglasses, and have fun with the incredible tactics.
TLDR: Help, I miss Garegg Mach so much...

I'm still fairly early on, but I can see why so many consider this the peak of Fire Emblem. I've always admired the GBA entries for their presentation and charm, but personally, I prefer the narrative experience found in Three Houses. Path of Radiance feels like the perfect bridge between the two; a strong focus on a tighter ensemble and an epic fantasy story with very personal stakes. I love that Ike begins the game as an average-at-best unit-- it makes his bravery feel very real because we know he's not the strongest (yet). The gamecube vibes here are immaculate as well. I imagine once I am finished, this will be one of my favorites.