Not worth anyones time as a fighting game. Not worth anyones time as a waifu fiesta.

This game just hits different and you really have to just sit down and let it take the wheel.

Creative combat with a unique premise. However theres no reason to fully invest in this one. The game cares little about a story that could have been great. The artsyle and neon threading can lead to it being a little sore on the eyes - Espeically in hand held. Really picks up in the later chapters when the story ironically takes a back seat and lets you fight chain jesus.

A Great remake of a likely to be classic. The art style is a weird choice and there could have been more quality of life changes made. The additon of later generation pokemon was a nice touch but you wont see any until post game. Which sadly i havent gone back to experience yet.

The fact i remember nothing about this game should detail enough about why its not worth your time. Short and lacking in finese for a game that was meant to show the power of the PS4.

You know what you are getting with any GTA game. While this one took me around 8 years to beat i am glad i did. Despite all its bells and whistles there is still some bad design in here. Alot of halting progression of the story until you have wasted time doing side tasks. Which is a huge turn off in any game. You dont really need to see this one to the end, but if you do you will enjoy your 30+ hours.

Fun - action packed romp through alien worlds with enough different guns to ensure you always find a playstyle that suits. Story leaves alot to be desired which lowers the want for more playthoughs once you set the controller down.

A stunning example of David vs Bigger Davids. The gameplay and mechanics are unmatched to this day and work together in such harmony you will find yourself invested in every gust of wind. The game will leave you wanting more but doesnt hang around for you to get fatigue from the fights. A must play for everyone.

Intresting premise bogged down by the fact the budget was just not there and it shows. Give it a look if you pick it up cheap.

The game just kind of happened. I dont remember much of this game and nothing stayed with me after completion. Warrents another look as i love remedys work and the premise is intresing. Felt i rushed my playhtough which could have lead to my conclusions

I dont think i got the appeal of this game. Nothing kept me intrested and the grey art style didnt peak my interest. Maybe one for a replay in a couple of years when i can give it more time.

Great introduction to the new mechanics of the Duel Sense. Would love to see the ideas expanded into a longer more dense title.

A Game that knew exactly what it wanted to be and chomped down on it. A fun and enjoyable ride with small bumps in the road but overall good enough for a weekend thrill.

Suprising game that earned my time. Very active combat system that kept me thinking. Legnth is perfect for something that is also on hand held.

One of the cheapest games i have ever played. A horrific smash clone in which nothing makes sense and the points dont matter.