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This game doesn't hold up as well as I thought it would back when I used to play it endlessly nearly 20 years ago, but I'd say for the budget and time it was made in, it's still a fun, if not underrated gem for the Playstation. I'd say it'd even make for a pretty decent first platformer for someone. Controls can be a bit loose and slippery sometimes, but they're far from bad. For only $5 on PS4/PS5 or via PSPlus Premium, I'd say there's no reason not to spend an afternoon playing through it. Even an 100% playthrough isn't too long as each level is pretty short with only 10 regular levels and 5 Boss levels with only 5 main collectibles in each level.

One of my absolute favorite Kirby games. It's one of the shortest games out there in the series, only clocking in at 6 world's and a quick extra boss, but boy does the game make quite an impression. Absolutely the coolest thing about this game is the ability to combine different types of copy abilities to create brand new abilities. Most of these abilities haven't appeared since, not has the ability combining itself made its way back either. Also, this is one of the few Kirby games that's not a complete cakewalk. Some of the later levels will definitely give you a run for your money. This game deserves so much more love than it gets. If you love Kirby and somehow have never played this, there's no reason to hesitate. Pick up the game and enjoy one of the best adventures Kirby has to offer.

Wipeout + Crazy Physics + Battle Royale. This is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. A crazy game show where you play as a bean person competing to be the best out of all the other beans. Whether it's a race through an obstacle course to avoid spinning spikes or a giant hammer, or a contest to grab another contestants golden tail and hang onto it for about a minute, the amount of unique events inside the game are impressive. Even if you find yourself getting repeat events constantly, you can always switch to another mode that has a different rotation of events, or even make your own lobby with a selection of games you want. All this AND it's free to play. There's no reason NOT to at least give it a try. Find some friends and enjoy tripping over yourselves, and you may just accidentally win one of the games.

The first out of the 2 Peg related adventure games made by Paon. While the hand drawn art style is incredibly charming as well as the company's respect for the Donkey Kong Canon that Rare made, the gameplay is a bit of a mixed bag. Don't get me wrong, it can definitely be fun at times, but they were still very much feeling out the core gameplay mechanics, which can make some things a bit clunky at times. Combine that with some frustrating bonus rounds, and big difficulty spike in the last world, and a really short adventure mode, the game can definitely feel underwhelming, but at the same time, if you decide to play it, it shouldn't take you that long. In the end, it's still a neat but of DK history to check out.

I'm just a bird in a david cage. Making robots an allegory for POC has always been weird and this game doesn't do anything to innovate or sell me on the concept. It has some really fun moments of tension, but the overall narrative just falls completely flat.

Rei is a collection of three bonus stories. The first one is great but I gave up on the other two, especially the second which is a "goofy comedy" about a child falling in love with an adult (visual novels stop using pedophilia for comedy challenge (IMPOSSIBLE))

Omg if you thought tank controls on a controller were bad then stay far away from this game. It’s like driving a car with your knees, so so strange.

This ended up being pretty different from Yoshi's Island despite the surface similarities, which I was not expecting. Its a cute little game with some creative ideas and probably the nicest looking 2D visuals on the N64 (though you kinda need a CRT tv or a good CRT filter in an emulator for it to look its best, the raw pixels look kinda gross at times without it like most games that use prerendered sprites, whereas the CRT blending effect smooths that out and makes it look like an illustration). There's a cartoon elasticity to the animations, and all kinds of lively little touches, its really a cute and energetic game visually. The music is also really great with all kinds of strange songs, including some with like this weird beatboxing. Also the yoshis sing and it is heart meltingly-cute.
You get 6 yoshis that are gone permanently if they "die" which is kinda wild considering the storybook, kid's game aesthetic. Kids love permadeath! There are 6 worlds and you get to choose one level per world on each playthrough, meaning each playthrough can be a totally different sequence of levels. Each level is based around exploring enough to gather 20 fruits, and then it ends. Its a neat way to structure a platformer that I've never seen before.
Not as classic as Yoshi's Island but its a weird, creative offshoot with a lot of heart and I enjoyed playing it quite a bit.

One of the best Kirbies! The power-combo system is pretty fun and leads some really creative powers, and the level design is really varied and snappy. Has a little bit of a higher challenge level than most kirby games in the later stages and bosses. It is just completely gorgeous too, one of the most gracefully aged N64 games for sure due to its smart use of bright, bold shapes. Looks like a living illustration sometimes. And the music fuckin RIPS, like there are some real bangers in there. Good as heck game.

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