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Pure Redcore. Makes FF7 even more fun to play, has some minor bugs and I don't like the method to unlock the final superboss but an incredible mod nonetheless (played on Type A, will try Arrange Mode soon enough)

Highly subjective rating; this isn't a perfect VN by any means, it's got some wonky pacing and awkward prose and an aggressively off-putting pair of opening chapters, but my enemies Myers and Briggs both agree I am driven by my emotions, and I forged more of an emotional connection with this story than with nearly any other I've experienced in my adult life. Michel means everything to me.

WOW. One of the bast turn-based RPGs that I've played on my entire life. The atmosphere, the combat AND FUSING system, which is a natural on SMT, but this is my first take on the series and I've LOVED it.

If you're wondering if you should play it or not, do it.

I believe, as of right now, this game is my favorite video game of all time. Funnily enough, I'm not a huge fan of "hard" video games, but the way this game was made me willing to play even the hardest challenges it could give me (except for the golden strawberries. I love this game but screw that! haha).

The gameplay of this video game is immaculate. Perfectly fine tuned to be as satisfying and rewarding as possible. The level design is intuitive and knows how to be challenging in a way that is fun.

And the wonderful, emotional story, gorgeous graphics, and delightful soundtrack by Lena Raine? Those are just the cherry on top of this delight of a game. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Pretty of it's time but fun if you're into RPGs, I ended up resorting to a guide to get maps of the place which took some of the fun out of the alignment system as I ended up just going for what I thought was best from reading ahead rather than just randomly stumbling through. If you dont want to use a guide, I imagine the best way to get your head around the dungeons is to get out some graph paper and match up your map with the auto map function in the game, this would've been an interesting way to play back when it first came out but I imagine will be a hassle for people nowdays.

The first person perspective can take a bit to get used to but once you've got it it's fine. The atmosphere of the early sections of the game is really cool especially for an RPG of it's era to pull off.