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This one felt very hard and cheap in some stages that it felt unfun. However, it is still a solid entry. Having multiple paths and 4 playable characters are some pretty neat innovations. The music slaps and the sprites are very good looking. A pretty solid game overall!

This game has some gorgeous looking sprites dungeons, some nice tracks fluid and fast faced combat, nice exploration with a varied dungeon design and engaging puzzles.
These qualities that I mentioned above are what makes this game a fun experience, even if the dialogue is atrocious and I hated 2 thirds of the character.
The game is good but is not GOTY material because how how jarringly bad the story is.

I made a second playthrough of this game, 15 years after the first and I ended up enjoying it a lot more.

The plot while nothing too deep is simple and a nice parody to fairy tales where it is the girl who saves her prince.
However, the main focus isn't really tthe romance of Cornet and her prince but yes her friendship with her best friend and puppet fairy Kururu.
This is a humurous and wholesome game full of characters with quirky personalities.

The gameplay is where this lacks. The dungeons are confusing and very much copy and pasted. You fight battles with Cornet + 3 Puppets that you recrut during the story or by doing sidequests.
The combat is a very simple with a grid and tiles in them in an isometric view. They are very fast and fast paced but are also very easym,, even when doing the hardmode.

The presentation is great, the 2D sprites are colorful and expressive and the landscapes are ebautiful. The vocal songs that are in english and japanese are great fun and are relevant to the plot. The istrumental tracks are a bit hit and miss, in my opinion. I love the first battle theme and and some of the exploration themes, but some others like the second battle theme are forgettable.

It's not lenghty. One can finish it easily in 15 hours. It's short but it is very fun.