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Honestly, one of the most misrepresented games I have played. So many people seem to write it off as a perverted game which is wrong. I have platinumed the game which involved beating over 100+ side quests and finishing every single route and there isn't a single time the game forces you to do something perverted so if you complain that this game is too perverted then you are just exposing yourself. The game offers no rewards or incentives to do creepy perverted things and it is 100% optional.

I also assume many people who hate on this game don't actually understand Japanese in the slightest because nobody I have seen outside the Japanese fans seems to acknowledge the existence of any of the characters or quests. This is a genuinely funny game with some funny quests and some of the routes are pretty good. My personal favorite routes are Ranko's, Megu's and Yayoi's routes. Ranko's route made me tear up a bit. Yayoi's route might be the least romantic out of the bunch, but I love it because it deals with urban legends and myths regarding the island so it's one of my favorites because of that. I pretty much like all the routes though, except the Chairman's route. Fuck the Chairman's annoying route.

tried to say the title of this game and a pentagram showed up on my floor



This game tells you that finnish people don´t do maintenance

I KNOW I'm gonna get my ass beaten for this but I really with this game was closer to SaGa Frontier than it was Scarlet Grace as far as Progression and character recruitment goes. I have only done Bonnie & Formina which I honestly think is a GREAT start point, you have lots of variety, you have 6 world options it's really solid and both characters are really cute.

The battle system for this game is great and I feel like it's something that just constantly gets better the more SaGa games exist.

If I were to give some advice for fans that want to do more than one playthrough(This game is designed around that) do not do Ameya's story first do literally anyone elses and then do hers.

To me, this is just an ordinary Killer7

I can barely put into words the whiplash that I felt realizing that Potemkin's old VA uses the same filter as those "IF GREAT KING OF EVIL GANONDORF DID X" memes.