if they turned the racism down a hair this would maybe be the best game ever made. its going to haunt me so good


not to do the witness comparison but honestly i think the highs of this game are better than the witness! however theres less of a sense of intrigue in the world without shit like the environmental puzzles and the stupid ass video clips and whatnot. even if they were mostly a waste of time i miss em. though without them it definitely feels a bit more focused. there are a few puzzles that get submarine or audio jungle tier doodoo to me but its damn tight otherwise. if you arent doing all areas or achievements just skip the art gallery bc it felt really weak for an area combining the mechanics. just do like the first 6-8 puzzles of waterfall for a better experience. I liked the final puzzle hunt more than the witness's secret ending by a landslide (although i did wimp out and had to google the orchard puzzle for secret ending cause i dont know what the designer expected me to do there whatsoever). graveyard and mill were my favorite areas

i think i messed up playing this as my last of the jump-slash games because it felt really unrefined compared to oath and origins. still a good time even if it definitely felt kinda janky (i clipped out of bounds like two or three times on the steam version and some hitboxes just felt strange to me). it was damn grindy compared to the rest of the jump slash games and it kind of got on my nerves by the end. i usually 100% these kind of games but i do not have the patience to grind for hours to beat majunun. jump-slash remains my favorite style of the ys styles but this is definitely the weakest one of em

this game can be summed up with a scene about a third of the way through. After a really grueling long boss fight followed by a forced loss phase 2 the girls have their backs against the wall. they find it in their hearts or some shit to use a new power where they all fuse into one massive robot in a really flashy transformation sequence with exciting music. once youre in the actual robot, the most penisy music ever composed starts playing and your robot has to play rock paper scissors against the boss. when a tie occurs in RPS you both heal which drags out the fight more than normal RPS ties already would

when Star Door 15: Paradise hits and you cant think about anything else for literal days

caught up as of 10/29. it sure is a gacha game. goat lady is cute but youll probably have a better time looking at fanart of the protags kissing

This review contains spoilers

need toukos strap

not done with every route but im ok with it if zun takes the route of just putting a bunch of shit in every game. its so fun

i called this a AA game the first time i saw it but honestly the visuals are the only thing that are not AAA here. disgusting and wonderful amount of optional dialogue showing a radiant, infectious love for its cast, a soundtrack that lives up to its reputation of "an album that comes with a game", one of the most genuinely interesting and fun combat systems ive tinkered with in a long time (i played on the highest difficulty and i had a blast snapping this thing in half and riding the razors edge of knowing anything kills me in one hit. i cheered whenever i saw an enemy 20+ levels higher than me guarding a chest). it handles some topics i would trust pretty much no big studio to handle well with flying colors in ways that brought me to tears (gin's final few character episodes hit me really hard in particular). and god the seiyuu work in this! i cannot believe this is a cast of mostly unknowns because they all fucking nail it. such a good time. i think about it and already get so many warm memories