Queen is overpowered. No updates. There is only one map.
Still cool game.

Overwhelmingly dark and full of existentialism. One of my favorite gamecube titles.

Too linear, often for its own good. Stages change between some missions, but a lot of filler missions that would've otherwise been cool "discoveries" like in 64 turn into monotonous chores.
This is the single big W 64 has over sunshine, but otherwise I prefer this game.

It honestly warms my heart how much they put into a game they could've shipped out and made sales, but they went HARD with this game.

Was nearly ruined with matchmaking, but the game still retains some of the charm.

As great as this game is, about 70% of it is filler and this would be the greatest game if this were otherwise.

Great aesthetic, great dungeons, great story, great side quests, just about great everything bogged down by a poor mechanic in practice.

It's just more Mario Galaxy levels, but Mario Galaxy 1 had way more to offer than just levels.


Game is too nice to get scared of. The scares are too predictable. Everything wrong about this game becomes evident after hours of playtime, but those original playthroughs were quite fun!

Some game modes suck, but it's always fun.

Not enough maps or raiders. Some objectives can be really annoying under some circumstances.
Otherwise it's a pretty cool survival game with a lot of butt-clenching moments.

Completely disinteresting singleplayer, surprisingly fun and unique multiplayer vs.
Unfortunately I have no friends to really play this with.

Ton of content, but it lacks the immortality of some platformers like celeste.