Absolutely incredible rhythm game. Might be my GOTY.

Not quite as good as the first game, but still a nice experience for those that miss and crave the splinter cell formula.

Not quite as scary as the original Subnautica, nor does it do as well of a job of capturing the magical feeling I had exploring the ocean. But it still holds up on its own, carrying a unique identity, and overall it was certainly fun.
My main criticism is that there may not be enough guidance towards finding a key location or two. I had to resort to rather unconventional means to progress. Whereas in Subnautica, the way to go was blatantly clear: Down.

As usual for Skutnik's games, the environment is superb whereas the puzzles can be lackluster.

This has my favorite case in the game. What a plot.

Even though it's different, it's still quite a bit more of the same, and is just as good as - if not better - than the base game.

I... I don't even know anything about vtubers... but this game is actually extremely good.

I'm sure this was groundbreaking for the time, but by today's standards I'd say it is extremely "ok". Not enough stealth and too much (jank) combat.

i just didnt find it fun to think about

the pinnacle of splinter cell
this was a great experience