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5 Stars: A fantastic game that at the time of release had little flaws. A seminal work that really pushes the artform forward in one way or another.

4 and half Stars: Just shy of true greatness. Has a few glaring problems that can't be ignored, but still a must-play.

4 Stars: A fun experience and a good time can be had here. A game of this quality has several major flaws that might limit its appeal, but it's still well worth your time.

3 and a half stars: The flaws of a game with this rating really begin to affect the enjoyment of it. Might be worth a look at least.

3 stars: Playable, but why would you want to? Average. Limited appeal, but could be enjoyed by someone. Wait for a price drop.

2 and a half Stars: At least you tried.

2 Stars: Officially bad.

1 and a half Stars: Woof

1 Star: No

Half-Star: Hell No!
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This was an excellent an influential game. Its combat proved to eb very influential. Combine that with the environmental puzzle solving and metroidvania exploration, and you've got a game I would much rather return to than say Arkham City's open world.

Graphically, it holds up pretty well thanks to its slightly stylized art. It really nails the look and feel of a Batman comic circa 2009. Its atmosphere is also unparalleled in the series. It borders on a horror game at times, especially if the Scarecrow sequences haven't been spoiled for you. The only thing preventing it from being a perfect game in my opinion are the bosses. All of them are very basic, and the final boss is so obnoxious that it sort of hindered my enjoyment of the ending. Still, this is the best comic book game ever made, in my opinion, and well worth your time even now.

This was a journey. I think it's possibly my new favorite action game. The combat relies more on reflexes than memorizing combos. Playing it was invigorating, but I was also reminded that games like this were a dying 2005. Having a simple story of revenge was quickly becoming passe'. Contemporary to Ninja Gaiden Black were games like Devil May Cry 3 and Shadow of the Colossus, both of which released in 2005, as well Half-Life 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3, which released a year prior to Black (The base game Ninja Gaiden released the same year as Half-Life 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3). All of them were doing more interesting things with how stories could be told in games. Ninja Gaiden's story isn't bad, mind. It's just simple, with plenty of worldbuilding, llore, ambient music, and atmosphere to soak in if one is so inclined.

And the game gives you plenty of time to take in the sights. The map is sprawling, with lots of collectibles to find, secrets to uncover, and puzzles to solve. It reminds me of a Resident Evil game or a Zelda game from the Nintendo 64 era in terms of level design, while also having a foot firmly planted in the glories of the NES. You have a Ninja that travels to an evil empire by airship, fights, using primarily a sword, bad guys with guns, other ninjas, zombies, demons, and dinosaurs, with the help of a beautiful woman. It's all stuff you would have seen in the 8-bit days. The aesthetics, plot, and gameplay would fit right in with that era, especially given how hard the game is to finish.

i won't try to sugarcoat it, folks: this game is hard. To the point where it might seem unfair. It has mobs, enemies that respawn, and even classic NES knockback into lava pits. This version of the game does have an easy mode, and it makes fun of you for using it. So naturally, I played on Normal, learned the moveset, got better, and had the time of my life doing so. Every weapon in the game has a use (except for the nunchuks, which are basically a worse version of the flail). In addition, the game is very generous with healing items, so make sure to stock up if you get stuck, and don't be afraid to use your magic. This game does have a ranking system, but the rankings don't seem to do much. Which is a good thing, as that means all the bonuses, costumes, and extra missions can be unlocked and earned simply by playing the game at your own pace.

In summary, this is a perfect reboot of an old franchise. Fun story, immaculate level design, a combat system that will really put a player's reflexes to the test, an interesting world to explore, and lots of bonuses to unlock make this an amazing game that could potentially keep a player busy for months. Probably the best Xbox exclusive not published by Microsoft themselves. Don't miss it. But ignore the remake of this game, Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Sigma eliminates a lot of the puzzle elements that made this game so interesting to explore, in my opinion. Sigma is a fine game on its own, but it is not a substitute for Black. There is no other game like Ninja Gaiden Black. And given the nature of video games now, there never will be.

When your vehicles controls are not the best, maybe don't have a mandatory escape scene in them to end the game. Call it a skill issue if you want, but I was stuck here for about an hour trying to just get through the last part of the last level. Spent three hours on Two Betrayals as well getting one-shotted by enemies I didn't have time to see because I'm playing on original hardware. Good thing the rest of the game is solid from a gunplay perspective, or I would be really soured on it. Keep in mind I was playing on the equivalent of the Hard Mode, so that could be the source of my problems.

Also, why is this game held up for its storytelling? Compared to what was being done with other games at the time (Metal Gear Solid 2, Final Fantasy X, Ico, Max Payne 1, Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and Silent Hill 2 all also came out in 2001), Halo's story is nothing special.

Graphically speaking and from a sound perspective, this did set a bar that has yet to really be beaten. And the gameplay and story improve exponentially, beginning with Halo 2. I'd say play it, but you likely already have. If you haven't, there's a good game to be had here. Just on the easier difficulties.