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Funnily enough, this game fixes the problems I had with both Nier Automata and Elden Ring.

I had no expectations for it other than it looked sick as fuck. It’s level to level, you literally just pick a location from a map. All side quests are automatically added to previous levels and you don’t have to go around talking to people to get them. THERE IS NO STAMINA BAR AND ALL YOUR ATTACKS DON’T TAKE TEN YEARS TO COME OUT. You can steal enemies attacks and use them as your own. So many weapons and so many moves for every situation. The depth of this game is massive and it WANTS you to play it. It wants you to grind your ass off and get those jobs to cap. It wants you to get that stupid insane crazy gear with wacky effects to make you unstoppable! And it feels fucking great to do.

The last shot before the credits made me cry. Not from sadness, but pure emotion. It felt good.
Now I wanna play FF1…

Pretty short but neat RE4 clone, with some pretty good ideas. It doesn't overstay its welcome and tries to squeeze out as much content as possible from its very short stages. There's no puzzles to be found unlike RE but it works pretty well with its exploration. The only fault might be its somewhat boring enemies and infuriating save system that only saves every time you progress through the campaign

I'm gonna launch a stealth sequel to a game that won't come out in the west for another 8 years. I don't think this game can properly receive a rating. Possibly the most important piece of an unraveling tapestry.

My sculpture teacher told me that his favorite form of art was the kind that involved people just walking around. There were many exercises in class that involved us just picking a direction to walk and going that way. He told me that art, in essence, is a translation. It is the language through which all experiences are spoken.

FSR made me think of what it meant to be a player, a creator, and a human being. Nothing before or since has come close to doing what this game does.

it sounds so ridiculous but this is actually the pinnacle of gaming

Sam and Max is a game with almost no flaws. The kind of game whose perfection make it kinda hard to review.

The story is simple but it serves pretty well as an excuse for the action and, mostly, the humor.

Most of the puzzles, while framed in typical lucasarts moon logic, are easy to solve, except for a few cases when a walkthrough will definitely come in handy.

This is a Lucasarts top 5 for me. Can’t really say much than that.