Best TAK TAK TAK sounds ever.
Big take on how society shape us taking it as a literal and abstract virus. Every character its memorable until the end.
Also it has a cool turtle.

One of the best dungeon crawlers on the PS1. It is by all means unique, a sin hellish story with some really creative characters and monsters going for a mechanical and grotesque look.
I love that it uses all the mechanics as an essential gameplay feature, like throwing items.
Its story its obtuse and to interpretation but its so interesting that one cannot simply look away

An step up in every way from FF1. Better flesh out character, a cohesive story and a bangger soundtrack.
The leveling system can be a lil grindy if you know the system but even if you dont the game its not thay hard to get by without punch yourself in the face.
Sadly this version comes with some good and bad, the remixed soundtrack are very of my liking but the font and the refresh rate leave a lot to be desired. Thankfuly you can fix that in the PC version.

More on the simpler side of the adventure games. They were only like 3 or 4 moon logic puzzles buts most of the time it was just a matter of exploring to get the answer.
What really stands out its the animation and graphics. A lot of attention had been put into the forest with little details of wildlife going around just for the sake of fleshing out the world.
The bad part its that you can see they rushed the game at the end with several useless items and a rushed out ending. Even if they play it as a joke. Most of the dialogue its pretty good and fun but it suffers for too many joke dialogue that goes nowhere.
Also the mixing its all over the places, some rooms have really loud music and quiet speech making me turn off the music most of the times. I know it can be editted in the ini file but i finished in one sitting so I didn't had the chance.
In the end its a light fun p&c adventure game with some rough edges
I played the talkie version from GoG, the original in scummvm and its weird that it comes with no subtitles .

First time playing this.
Don't expect this to be the ps1 game, it's a remastered of the OG NES/Fami game. It has some of the QoL features from the GBA and PS1 releases as well as others like a map for each dungeon.
The highlight of this version its the reworked ost that makes this enjoyable -but really dated- game a treat to play even if you're farming some xp for the last boss.
Fonts are awful and the framerate its choppy but there's mods to fix those issues really easy (I recommend using the Mystic quest fonts c:)

Weird little experience. Don't expect most of the answers, there will be just the necessary. Surreal at times, funny at times, great all the way. One of the best light novels out there. Play it all the way through it will be worthed


I never played this on the N64 era but this was an enjoyable experience. Movement it's satisfying and the enemy death animation make the lack of big number of enemies less noticeable. I do like most of the weapons thought the explosive weapons/minigun kinda break the game for the most part.
On the downside I didn't care for the lives systems, I know it's a 1994 game and lives was part of the console games of the time but in PC the game most challenging part it's the platforming. Although jumping it's not as good as I would like it for this part you have a lot of air control to maneuver through the platforms and you can also "donkey kong country" jump for the most longer jumps.
I've read that the levels are kinda bad and boring but they are not that many levels (8 levels in total) and they lack a lot of landmarking but if you're used to using the automap while playing most of the game it's manageable.
I didn't get the secret weapon. I didn't knew it was one until I got a part in level 6 and the secrets are mostly faith jumps and pass-through walls.
For the most part a really good shooter for the PC and the Nightdive port it's really good with the options of using the N64 OST which in my opinion it's the best option.