hey guys, i play a lot of games
in terms of reviews, my guidelines are:
10/10 is a game that permanently affects my interests and tastes. the game isn't necessarily perfect but it made such an impact that it's something i can't stop thinking about
7/10 is a fun game that definitely has flaws but the overall experience was worth going through
5/10 is a game that doesn't leave much of an impact on me, it's not necessarily bad but it didn't have anything that i particularly loved or hated
3/10 is a boring or frustrating game that i didn't enjoy but i could still see some things people like about it
1/10 is a game that cements itself in my brain as something i literally cannot enjoy due to frustration, boredom, or befuddlement. these games are the ones i feel are irredeemable and i cannot find anything good in them
i'm always happy to give out recs or talk about games, feel free to shoot me a friend request on discord @allstarbrose#8602
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What a wild ride, to think they did very little to improve on the original and the vast majority of changes make the game much worse. The biggest bad change is the whole crafting system, which I spent ages figuring out and working on a video explaining it all because it's total nonsense
On its own, Ishin is a middling Yakuza game. Middle of the road story that's really slow but has a few decent highs, a weak selection of minigames, a bad selection of substories, some of the grindiest side content in the series, and combat that loses the refinement of 5 without the energy or synergy of 0's styles. If you look at it on its own, Ishin's probably a solid 6/10. Once you compare the changes between the original release and this one, you'll question what the hell RGG Studio was doing.
First off, why on earth is brawler so weak? It deals no damage compared to the rest of your styles and the combo speed boost does not help. Why is sword so slow? Why does wild dance do so little? Why is gun... well gun's mostly the same once you put a pierce seal on one since armor takes no damage from guns. The combat does not feel good, especially when compared to the original release. Ryoma falls over if an enemy so much as looks at him wrong and you gotta sit through a two second animation. There is no herculean spirit in this game (and stability is locked to brawler) so unless you wanna be on the ground for 1/5 of the time you're fighting, get good at those blocks and dodges (of which they locked komaki dharma tumbler to unarmed instead of it being for all styles for some reason).
Ishin was already known as one of the grindiest games in the series, but they did very little to fix it initially. A lot of the diligence records were made less grindy, but some of the worst ones (like Gion reputation) weren't changed at all. The seal system was completely ruined, but the video linked above covers that. At release material gathering was just as tedious as it was in the original, but a patch has been put out to remedy this at least. This game is still insanely grindy and frustrating for that purpose, don't say "that's just for 100% completion!!!" The game encourages you to use the blacksmith. If you're playing a casual playthrough, you won't be able to craft much of anything since so much requires dungeon grinding, plus none of the systems are explained to you. It's complete bullhonkey.
The casting changes are also a big misstep, one of the cool things about the original release was that because almost every character was similar to their mainline personality, you got to see interactions that never happened before. Seeing Mine as an ally to Kiryu or interacting with Saejima or seeing Baba showing off his deceptive personality from the start created interesting dynamics. Now? Oh cool there's Kuze, sounding more bored than ever and being an underhanded, dishonest bastard for some reason. Oh wow there's Han, who's a spy and torturer but sticks out like a sore thumb and acts completely different than he did in 7 (and in 6 he has one scene where he's ruthless). Oh cool there's Zhao, being shifty and shady when he's never been like that before. The only one that really fits is Awano, but that character was barely present anyway. All of this casting just screams fanservice for people who played only 0, K1, K2, and 7 instead of having a wide variety of characters from your whole legacy.
The original release of Ishin was in my bottom 3 for Yakuza games, but this one easily takes the cake for worst game in the series to me. I can't ever see myself replaying either iteration of the game, nor could I ever recommend them. If you want a gripping story with good emotional beats, play Y3. If you want a more serious, clinical, but tightly written story, play Judgment. If you want great side content, play 5. If you want great combat, play Lost Judgment. There's nothing Ishin does better, or even close to as good, as any other game in the series. Do not bother with this one.

One of my favorite pieces of childhood nostalgia sits between the cozy aesthetic and vibey music within this game. I used to go to my grandpa's house and play this with him and we could never get the trophies on some of the levels. We never got to the last set of levels nor did we beat any of the bosses, but we had fun nonetheless. 11 years have passed since I played it with him last and his health is steadily waning. I've beat this game a handful of times in my adult life and every time I see him, he asks about it as if he didn't ask the last time. I laugh it off inside and tell him about the last time I beat it and you can see a little spark of joy go through him.
On its own, Toy Commander is a simple, but fun game that relies on the player's urge to beat its missions as fast as possible. With a variety of different vehicles and challenges to play through, the gameplay rarely gets stale. The music is also amazing, as the jungle/EDM beats perfectly suit the energy of the game. I highly recommend listening to the OST, it's easily the best thing about the entire game. The gameplay is simple and the vehicles don't control as well as racing games from the era, but the missions rarely require a level of precision you'd need from those.
This is one of those games I wish would get a re-release, even though the audience for it is really niche. It's probably the nostalgia talking but this small, arcadey game is really fun when you're in the mood for a short session where you play through one room at a time. The time-based trophies make your knowledge of the levels rewarding and it's fun to see how fast you can sprint through a level.
One of these days I should see about finishing it with him before he's gone.

Battle for Bikini Bottom is one of my favorite platformers of all time, which is why the movie game is such a disappointment to me. Everything about this game feels like a poor adaptation of the original content created for BfBB. All of the moves feel weird and have oddly different timings, some moves have changed buttons, enemies aren't nearly as well placed or designed with some taking on the properties of multiple BfBB enemies at once, the levels feel lazily slapped together and are super repetitive since there are functionally three kinds of levels, the music isn't nearly as good, the animations aren't nearly as good. There really isn't anything this game does that BfBB does at least twice as well. It's not the worst game in the world but goddamnit if it isn't boring as sin.