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5 - An all time favorite. Often have very personal feelings towards it. Not necessarily perfect, but still absolutely immaculate.
4 - Great. Had a ton of fun and would play it again under most circumstances. Normally a 4 means that I wasn't bugged by too much it did wrong, but it needed just a bit more of a push to be a 5.
3 - Good. Its flaws definitely impacted my enjoyment more or it didn't keep me engaged the entire time, but I didn't regret playing it at all. Had a good time and am glad to have played it to the end.
2 - Rough. A lot more grievances then I can overlook, or it just didn't do much interesting. There's still things to have fun with though, and to call the game worthless would be unnecessarily harsh. Yet at the end of the day I likely won't go back to it.
1 - Poor. Can't in good faith recommend it to anyone. What little I could enjoy from it is buried by everything else that either doesn't work or is straight up boring.
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