Still better than the Minions. Quick to complete and forget, but it has some replay value with the challenge mode. Not worth going out of your way to play, but it won't kill you.

I'm so excited for my chance to play as Dr T that I downloaded a mobile game about it.

I never saw a game that didn't want the audience to not play it as much as I did here with terrible controls. In a business tycoon game. HOW DO YOU FUCK UP THE CONTROLS IN A BUSINESS TYCOON GAME?!?

Yeah, I think I missed the craze of the arcade sidescrolling shooters...

I get what this game wanted to be; a delivery game where you go through space and just chill while listening to a podcast in the background, just like how Yahtzee liked FTL. However, I can't say I really dig the idea for myself. I'm not a part of the market, but I know it exists, even if it's a small one.

"B-But the turn-based gameplay is gone!"" You don't know how much a boon that is for me. You guys are allowed to love the first two battle systems, but for me, this, alongside the best story ever told in a Mario game, is good.

Also, for anyone who wants to skip through 2-3, the code is always the same and you can get the pixl right away for repeat playthroughs.

As much as I love all the changes and improvements it made with all the quality of life updates, they have allowed me to love the world and characters more...I'm sorry, but I STILL don't vibe with the actual gameplay of the battle system. The updated improvements are wonderful, allowing the world to grow, but I still do not get the love behind the battle system.

Also, is it me, or was Peach flat-out useless this time around compared to the original Paper Mario, with Peach essentially being the gal behind leading Mario and crew to the star spirits, while here, if you erase all of Peach's side story stuff and never let her talk with Mario, nothing would change? not really worth it to this crab.

I know we're playing against Lady Luck but holy fuck some of these enemies and encounters can feel like it's just luck if the build you got would save your ass.

Call me jaded, but I don't really see anything that exciting or new here. Maybe the new chapters have more stuff to it, but for now, at least, it's lucky it didn't cost any money; otherwise, I would be way harsher about it.

This is the type of game that needs a remaster; a fun premise that can benefit from better controls, graphics, and more features.

One of the easier horror games I checked out, but it's not bad at all; just felt like it was a bit more on autopilot than I expected. The story was gripping and it had several twists and turns that genuinely caught me off guard and made me go "HOW DID I NOT EXPECT THAT?!"

I want this game and Balan Wonderworld to meet together in a bar. Balan would be glassing this game over the whole "no jump button" thing actually working in its favor.

I feel like I'm left out on an inside gag or story about the game. It's not bad in the slightest, but I don't think it's as grand as everyone says it is. It's visually and aesthetically pleasant, but gameplay-wise, it starts to fall short for me. Maybe I'm just not meant to be a part of its audience.