I'm just not an RPG guy here that wants to share my opinions.
0.5: A game that I just couldn't get into or vibe with. Games that are either not in my genre cup of tea or are just that bad.
1: Just a slog to play through. I could see good ideas here, but they're not that big or impressive enough for me to stick around.
1.5: The standard bad. Frustrating to play. I could play through them again, but no.
2: A lesser kind of bad. There are some good moments, but it either doesn't go far enough or is just bogged down.
2.5: The middle of the road. Nothing really bad, but not good either.
3: Good. Just good. It's middle of the road; just above the average line.
3.5: These are the ones I recommend. Pretty fun and have at least one great thing about them.
4: Solid classic. Fun time overall with few flaws.
4.5: Outstanding. Masters of the genre.
5: Perfect. Virtually no big flaws to hold it down and can surprise me with their greatness.
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Definitely, a unique combination that can be fun in short spurts, but I wouldn't spend an afternoon binging it.

I REALLY wanted to like this game, as it would have been proof that there was potential for me to like the Zelda game, but after 5 hours, I just couldn't get into the gameplay, story and world. I know there is something good here, but it's just not for me.

I think I was just spoiled by Bloons Tower Defense. This game just feels way slower to play and not as impactful.