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particularly point-and-click adventures, tiny games I find around, horror and spooky stuff, indie gems, weird crap made with passion, cult classics from the past and anything my pc can run without exploding
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May 16

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A Doom II mod realized to honor the memory of a lost friend, which very quickly morphs into a maze of distorted worlds and secrets hidden behind rather complex exploration mechanics that add an uncanny charm to the gaming experience.
Getting to the true ending without the support of a guide is virtually impossible, but it's evident that this is a game that embraces the dynamics of discussion within mods enthusiast communities: this is also why it reminded me so much of my experience with Yume Nikki and in general the idea of games that mysteriously appear as puzzles to be solved in a spirit of collaboration among those who feel motivated to learn more.
A wistful and nostalgic adventure built from faded scraps of memories and disassembled games, in which the greatest pleasure is to find yourself lost.

This review contains spoilers

The game all things considered is nothing to write home about but it opens up the steam store page challenging you to leave a negative review and that was actually brilliant.

Iconic racing game capable of instantly fascinating with mind-blowing graphics, a very refined overall UI design and a killer soundtrack, but also supported by rock-solid driving mechanics.
I don't have a lot of experience with racing games of this kind, and frankly, until now I wasn't even particularly drawn to them, but with Ridge Racer Type 4 for some reason I immediately felt I had to dive in and see how far the driving experience could go. Driving in this game is really an experience that engages all the senses at once, with the tactile feel of the tight drifting mechanics that you gradually get used to and the audiovisual magic that is created on each track: it really is a gameplay delight from all points of view.
I also enjoyed the nice touch of the little narrative excerpts that take place between grand prix races, with the leaders of each team interacting with the protagonist, gradually revealing their motivations and emotional connection to the racing world.