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Everyone thinks about scores in a different way so here's how I think about it:

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If reviews for video games were a simple game of math, adding and subtracting with strengths and flaws to find a raw number that serves as some semblance of an assessment of quality, then I don't think I could give Xenogears too high of a score. But I don't think that's helpful. The art we experience isn't meant to adhere to a rigid set of criteria. It's fun to be sure, but is it productive? Is it accurate? Because truth be told, I don't think it is. A review primarily serves to tell other people what you think of a video game, and if it's worth playing. And Xenogears is worth playing.

This probably sounds like the game is horrendously flawed, but it definitely is not. That being said, there are MANY issues with this game. The combat is fairly shallow, especially in Gears, the random encounters really disrupt the flow of gameplay, some dungeons are confusing and boring, there's a few minor translation errors, and of course there's disc 2 which was so rushed to get the game out on time that there's barely any gameplay and huge story beats are squeezed into brief narration segments.

These flaws are real, and I don't want to dismiss them. But did I enjoy Xenogears? Yes, wholeheartedly. It's so clearly a passion project and something everyone who worked on it cared deeply about. The story is so intricately detailed and well-told with probably the best worldbuilding I've ever seen in a video game. The characters are likeable and fleshed out. The music is by Yasunori Mitsuda so you know it's amazing. The spritework is amazing. Despite my gripes with it, the combat is really flashy, satisfying, and pretty fun. And, for what it's worth, most of the flaws with this game were things that couldn't be controlled - time and budget constraints placed on a pretty small team without a whole lot of experience who just wanted to create something incredible. And I they still did, despite all the compromises.

I think this is why we should judge games as a sum of their parts. Individually, a lot of things in Xenogears are rough and difficult to get over. You should go into this game with the expectation of being frustrated at times. I honestly recommend having speed-up during some sections. But... I still think you should go into this game. It's a magical experience that is absolutely worth trying. Just keep pushing through the rough patches and you will experience a phenomenal work of art. I'm going to go read Perfect Works now.

This game is honestly pretty fun for the first two acts. The last four really drop the ball but I'd be lying if I said this game was devoid of enjoyment. I honestly like a lot of the bosses in this game more than the Genesis version and Labyrinth Zone is slightly less terrible. If it wasn't so held back by hardware limitations, it would probably be on par with the Genesis version, but this one isn't half bad, even though overall it's pretty mediocre and the last few levels are just boring, like they were running out of ideas.

Honestly wasn't as bad as I was expecting. There's a lot of charm and fun movement in this game, but the biggest thing holding it back is level design that doesn't allow you to freely run around and enjoy that movement. Wonky hitboxes, cheap one-hit kills and obstacles that are unreactable makes the majority of levels in this game frustrating, but it's built on top of a foundation that's really fun and I'm excited to see how this progresses as the series goes on. Overall, a decent enough first entry - even if Mario's was better... 6 years earlier... on substantially weaker hardware......