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This is like the platonic ideal of roguelites.
There's no veil here, the game isn't pretending to be something it's not.
"Oh I could have defeated that boss if I'd just played better or if I had better reaction timing"
No, you get your power-ups and it's all about foresight mixed with the ever-present RNG that's a staple of the genre.
While you'd think that might feel oddly limiting it's actually surprisingly liberating to have a game where you don't get frustrated by a literal bad hand because it's not really impacting your actual performance, since what you're actually performing here isn't that taxing in and of itself.

Square Enix could literally be making a roguelite out of all the gameplay systems and mechanics in this game right now and get a bajillion dollars out of it but I guess they're too busy working on Final Fantasy 20 for the PS7 or whatever.