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From someone whose never played the original, I enjoy Overwatch 2 with friends a fair amount (playing solo is far less enjoyable). There are a few baffling game mechanics and I have zero interest in the ever so common escort mode, but the large variety of characters offers countless playstyles, which is the most fun part for sure. However, perhaps it's lack of stages, modes, or some x-factor, but I don't feel obligated to play more than a few matches. The game has only been out for a bit and I'm already close to putting it down, but the free price tag makes it hard to complain.

This game is like watching the stairway scene in john wick 4 but, it never ends

I am going to be honest here. This isn't a great or excellent game but, it was really enojayable to me. I have been tired of open world games and games that give you so much options that it feels overwhelming so, I am kinda glad this one is linear as It is. The visuals are really great , the music is beautiful and once you really unlock the combat system it is pretty engaging. My problem is that out of 6 characters I really hated 2 of them being Snow and Vanille and you are forced to use them. The story is such a mess and hard to follow that at some point I just gave up and stopped taking it seriously which actually helped me enjoy the game even more. This is my first Final Fantasy and I am sure it doesn't live up to the standards of the franchise but, it was pretty okay for me. This isn't for everyone but, if you do decide to give it a try I hope you enjoy it.

Peak halo only rivaled by Reach and ODST. Now remastered immaculately.

A pillar of gaming history, this game rocked the world when it came out. And through the MCC, it still holds up incredibly well. This is the best that Halo Multiplayer has ever been, in my opinion.

Change of pace for a halo game. emotional story

These games aren't for somebody looking for a hardcore difficult strategy rpg. It's purely for eye candy with the attacks and different mechs. It's also part visual novel, story leaves much to be desired but can be skipped.

This wasnt even that bad tbh but every time I look at it, its just a reminder that maybe this and everything else after this just shouldnt have happened.

when i start playing it i never any expectations to it even the first few chapters were slow and the stages designs were bland as i progress it slowly became a bit interesting and took as i fall within a complicate relations with the characters some which i think they were well written and deserve happiness with their lovely family and. such a heroine you were Terra

The Last of Us: Part I is the best way to play one of the best games ever made but it's not a product for everybody.
The PS3 and PS4 versions of The Last of Us are still good even today. Even after 10 years, the PS3 game looks like a modern game. So why should you play this version?
If you played The Last of Us in the last few years, I would say to you stay away of this version. It's the same game with graphics a lit bit more closer to Part II.
But if you played the original version when it was released on the PS3 or you never had the chance to play any of them, I think there's no reason for you to play the older versions.
The Last of Us: Part I takes one best games of all time and make it even better. The new graphics don't let the game look old.
I probably don't need to talk about the story. It's still one best stories on the entertainment busniess.
The gameplay is the same we saw on the older versions. It's not bad at all, but Sony could work in some upgrades.
The bad side? It's not a remake like Sony said. It looks like a remaster and everybody knows that! Why?
In the last few years we had a lot of remakes nomitaded for the VGA and it didn't happened to The Last of Us: Part I. I'm pretty sure if this was the first version of the game, he would probably win the Game of The Year award. As everyone knows it looks like more as a remaster, it wasn't even nominated.
Like I said, you should give it a try if you only played the game when the first version came out or if you never had the experience.
Even with all that, I had a great time. The Last of Us still one of the best experiences that you could have with videogames.

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