For a $5 DLC to an already solid game, this is a fun time. I like the added mode and all the extra effects, this kinda rougelike I can appreciate. Yojimbo and Karai are definitely welcome additions to the team, Karai has some good juggle combos. I would say pick it up if you wanna play more Shredder's Revenge, this is as good of an excuse as any to pick it up again.

I played Pikmin 1 and 2 a lot as a kid and these games aged beautifully. Going back to Pikmin 1 & 2 after being taught Dandori was a real godsend. Except in Pikmin 2. I prefer that over Pikmin 1, but good lord the random bullshit that literally drops from the sky can fuck right off.
Either way, if you like Pikmin 3 or 4 from your previous experience on the Switch, you're gonna love these tougher Pikmin games.
Also, lol @ IGN for calling Pikmin a cozy series

As a sucker for Sega, this is what I'm looking for in a rhythm game. While I may not agree with the focus shifting from strictly Samba to Latin Pop, I can't argue that they picked some winners for the track list. I felt myself really getting into the song just like Amigo was. I'm definitely putting a track or two from here on my Spotify playlist.
I will also say that the added Battle Royale Mode, added Mission Mode, and extra love for DLC track packs, this definitely is one of Amigo's best games out of the trilogy. Hell, just the fact you have button controls instead of strictly motion makes this the best rhythm game Sega's put out. If you're curious, try out the demo. I think you'll be happily surprised.

The core of the game is solid. The Infinity Stone mechanics are a really neat idea. I personally enjoyed using the Time Stone as an incredibly fast dash. Literally everything else? Wack. Story, wack. Roster, wack. Aesthetic, wack. Stage selection, wack. Get it on a sale, and i mean like a sale where you can find it for like $8.

And incredibly thorough and well put together romhack. The added levels feel expansive and fun to run around in, and I was always thrown for a loop in the best way the next Sonic reference, finding myself excited to see how the next level I was going to would have its motif changed. Easy recommendation.
Also biggest twist: Gigaboots references!

The game is a Shenmue game, but it's a filler episode where despite people really really really wanting the plot to advance, it does not advance. I have no idea why it was thought to be a good idea. Even if you had 7 or 8 Shenmues planned out, this is a crowdfunded game. You better abridge your shit and get Ryo to kick Lan Di's ass and get back the Phoenix Mirror because strong reality that even if this succeeded, there wasn't gonna be a Shenmue IV. And thanks to this flop, there's absolutely not gonna be a Shenmue IV!
You can really tell that Yu Suzuki had not so much as looked at a game in the almost 20 years between Shenmue 2 and 3. Everything moves slow, is clunky, and is almost designed to waste the player's time. I absolutely will not be playing this incredible tedium any longer because I honestly have more respect for myself than that.

I certainly had a fun solid time with it. With a killer soundtrack and DMCesque combat with an easy to pick up hard to master rhythm to the whole thing, it feels like a PS2 game (complimentary) without falling into being a PS2 game (derogatory). I was definitely charmed by the cast by the end. Definitely worth checking out.

I would say worth your attention just on the gimmick alone. A Street Fighter game that's made like Mortal Kombat? Interesting! It's not really that terrible, but it is still pretty bad.

This is such a goofy game but I'm having a blast with this, if only because of how silly the whole thing is. It's clear that Sega wanted to put out a crossover fighting game that used the most of its assets. And did extra silly shit like adding in a car and a palm tree as playable characters.

I genuinely appreciate any movie tie in game at this point, especially when it's a good clone and not complete garbage.

Cheap, crude, easy to play, but god it really knows how to hit the right spots of your brain. It's so affordable and addictive I can honestly recommend it to everyone. This is Rougelikes right, without a doubt.

Gorgeous spritework, easy to follow RPG combat, beautiful music, truly a highlight of the PSP. But good lord the enemies are damage sponges. Patience is the key. Absolutely worth a look if you love RPGs in any capacity.

Please come back to us, Ms. Pac-Man, it hasn't been the same since the divorce

This game is a fantastic update to a classic strategy game. Being able to make new maps is such a great choice. I think not doing a lot to the main formula really helped.
The AI can be a pain in the ass sometimes, being borderline unrelenting. And my other complaint is the voice acting. Arin Hanson is an acceptable VA, but he did absolutely nothing for Max. Like if you're gonna provide voices to these iconic characters for the first time, it really needs to be larger than life.
But if you like strategy games this is a good way to go.

I'm not gonna call it a disappointment, but I will say it's real surreal to have a Kirby game where there's no sword power. And sometimes the animals are more of a hindrance than a help.